I have a MILLION things that I still need to blog but I just couldn't wait with these adorable pictures of my boys. This morning we went to the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping and we just had to stop in to see Santa. I am sure we will end up seeing him again before Christmas, since AJ can't get enough of him, so here are some pictures from our first visit.

This is the first year AJ really understands who Santa is and made up his mind about what he wanted to ask for. (a train, a Buzz toy, and a Woody toy.)He also made sure to mention what a good boy he has been and that he has been helping Mom lots and lots! The antisipation was killing him.But finally he got his turn Next up was Miles. I'm pretty sure he has no idea who santa is but he was pretty happy to be out of his seat and getting some attention.Isn't he cute!?! Beckam on the other hand would have prefered to be left alone. He was perfectly happy chillin' in the stroller, next thing he knows he's sitting on some strangers lap with a camera in his face! Poor little guy.He took his anger out on the "gift" from Santa, it was once an elf hat.