Today is my 25th birthday, I haven't thought to much about it because I wasn't really expecting much celebrating this year. I thought about inviting some girls out for breakfast or something but didn't end up doing anything.

So Saturday night Nicole calls and is like, "Hey I got you a birthday gift but it won't last till Monday. Can you come over quick and pick it up?"

In my head I was like, um...it's my birthday and I am 7 1/2 months pregnant! how about you walk down here. but what I said was "Sure, no problem" lol, what a brat I am!

Anyways I ran over in my PJ'S and what do I find....... SURPRISE!!! Lyndz has organized a little birthday get together in my honer. I was TOTALLY in shock, as you can tell my face and outfit. I was not expecting it at all.

Since Aaron called dibs on my actual birthday Lyndz had to switch her plans to Saturday which threw a few of the girls off meaning they couldn't make it, but those of us who were there had a blast!

Here we are trying our hand at the 10 second timer, no bad! We just sat around eating and visiting. We talked about what we were like in high school and how we fell in love with our husbands. It was pretty cool to learn a little background on each other, you just feel so much closer to people when you have a better idea of what their lives have already held.

Of cores it came down to Nicole, Lyndz, and I (the chatty ones) in the end and we thought we would snap a few more pictures...... I think maybe we had all had a little to much sugar! Honestly I haven't been that surprised in a long time, it was great! THANKS GIRLS!!!
I know this one is a little fuzzy but it's such a classic picture of me and Nicole we are always laughing and being idiots! (Or is that just me!?!)

Oh yeah, Lyndz decorated a cute bag for me but Dustin didn't think it was personal enough so he decided to help out and draw ME on the bag, thanks brother.


Hello from the Night crew

Hey Blogging world,

Just me, Lacey, saying a quick hi to everyone else out there in the world who is up at 2:00AM. Hi Jared. Quite a different little world we live in during the night, quiet, peaceful, full of kicking babies and heartburn.

After having just the awesomest dream complete with being a co-wife to two of my friend, getting re-married in a department store while 9 months pregnant, having my son stolen, and of course Grandma calling with an Emergence..... needing me to take her to re-new her Costco membership, which I then did. In my wedding dress. I woke to raging heartburn and a baby that seems to have the mambo stick in his/her head.

Let me just tell you that I was totally bummed to remember that not only am I out of Zantac but earlier today I found AJ playing with the few tums I had left just in time to see him sneeze all over them. Delicious! Can anyone guess what were running to the store for tomorrow? lol.

Anyways here I am, camped out on the couch with the Gilmore Girls, praying that I might doze off before to to long. So enjoy it people, all the pregnant and new Mom's out there are cruelly aware of how precious those sleep hours really are, lol.



Lighten Up

My good friend Kami and I decided it was time to spruce our selves up a bit. Both of us have fairly long hair, Her's is MUCH longer than mine, and we felt like it was time for a change. We organized sitters and yesterday morning we made our way down to the Paul Mitchelle school of hair design.

I told Aaron I was getting my hair done but Kami left it a complet surprise. Since her hair has been LONG for 10 years and REALLY LONG for over 5 she thought it would be fun to keep her plans a secret. This was also her first time getting her hair profesionaly cut, colored, or even straightened. (honestly we need to introduce this girl to the flat iron, she loved it!)

Anyways I know you all want the pictures so here they are.....

And now for me......

Our husbands were both SHOCKED by the changes we made but they were plesently surprised. Hope you like our lighter looks.


Friends at the Zoo

With all the beautiful weather we just couldn't help but head to the Zoo! Julie called me last week to say she was in major need of some out of the house at the zoo and today worked out perfect. It was 28 here today, not a cloud in the sky or a breeze to speak of, which made for a pretty busy day at the Zoo.

As usual we were all at least 15 minuted later than we planned on being but we all arrived within 5 minutes of each other so it worked out great. We had 7 Moms and 11 kids today which I think in our biggest group yet.

Since we hit traffic on the way Becks was a little fussy and decided he was not at all into the Zoo. Lyndz spent the first 15 minutes tiring everything teething gel, stroller, his favorite toy, pushing the stroller WHILE holding him! Doesn't she look happy? Finally she pulled out the bottle and it was nothing but smiles after that!

The kids had a great time together exploring the Zoo grounds and watching the different animals play. I have never seen two kids play as well as Megan and Jake. She just loved to follow him around and see his crazy ideas unfold and he sure doesn't mind the audience, he he he.

Here is the highlight of AJ's Zoo trip. He found a stick and kept it in the stroller for while he was riding, then every time he got in he would drag it on the ground. I wish I would have discovered this cheap by awesome form of entertainment BEFORE his birthday!

Also this is the new face AJ dose all the time. Whenever you ask him a question he pretends that he is "thinking"up the answer and makes this face. He also dose it when he gets grumpy or tired.

We got to the Elephants just in time to see them take their family bath. They were so cute playing in the water together. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or us Mom's. I know you have all seen Elephants a hundred times but I had to post a few pictures.
Once the boy's both happy we decided to take a few pictures with them. I haven't done a weekly post but we have been pretty good at taking pictures with the kids every week.

This was one of our funnest days at the Zoo so far. The weather was perfect and with all the kids there to run around together they really tuckered each other out. AJ hasn't been going to bed very well (post to come) and so he was pretty tired on the way home. He was basically asleep but when we asked if he was ready to go home for a nap he would make his face and say, "AJ WAKE!" and then doze off again. He then cried for 15 minutes in his crib before giving in! Why fight it when you are so exhausted? Kids!


7 months Pregnant.

I totally missed my 6 month pregnancey pictures as life flew by but I have managed to snap a few of my 7 month pregnant belly. I am felling reasonable well, lot's of heart burn, a little carpultunnel, and of course the back pain but everything so far has been pretty easy to handle.

Over the past week or so I have really started to feel this baby move and shake! Dr. Drake says that the baby has been in head down possision for my last two visits which is great and I honnestly don't think that the baby has changed actual possition much but that dosen't mean it's not moving! Weather it's wedging it's feet in between my ribs, marching on my stomic, or practicing jabs on my bladder we have a very active little on!

I am starting to get pretty excited about having another little baby to love and care for. I know that it will be a lot of work and that there will be days I just have to sit and have a cry but I know that it will be great! AJ is such a big help with Becks and loves babies, I think that he will be a great big brother. Not only do I have a pretty good little boy but I have an amazing husband who will be right here with me to weather it all.

I am feeling like this baby will be another boy but we would be more than happy to have a little girl. I just can't wait ot meet them! We are thinking up names but haven't settled on anything yet, so if you have any sugestions that you wouldn't mind sharing we would LOVE to hear em'!


Parent Weekend - Part 2

Since Mom and Dad haven't been here before we wanted to show them all our favorite spots in Portland. We immediately thought of Clackamus mall, I am sure you have heard me mention it a hundred times as have they. We did some shopping and found some great deals at JC Pennies. Dad & Dust got new suits and Grandma & Grandpa were able to do a little spoiling on their two favorite Grandsons.

After a CRAZY busy day shopping the deals and walking until our feet just about fell off Mom and Dad treated us to an amazing dinner at Claim Jumpers. We found Claim Jumpers when we first moved here and have really enjoyed the few meals we have been able to have there.

It's kind of like Montana's but without all the gimmicks and silly stuff on the walls. The service was great and the food was even better. It was so nice to not have to prepare and clean up a meal after our long day out, Thanks again guys!

Once we got home Beckam and AJ got ready for bed and spent some time playing with Grandma & Grandpa. I think that the end of each day, when we got home, was the Grandparents favorite time. They got to see the boys at home, in their own elements just hanging out. Here are a few of my favorite snap shots from the weekend. Dust and Lyndz have more with Becks in them, I only have a few on my computer,:(

Saturday was all about seeing the city and eating the good food. After picking up Kait from the train station Dust and Lyndz meet up with us at the original VOODOO Donuts down town. We have never been before but it supposed to be one of the greatest doughnut shops in the US, they even had it on the Amazing Race one season. It wasn't hard to spot, there was a line half a block long out side, but it only took us 15 minutes to get in, so not bad! The donuts were really good but I am not sure I would go back to that location. It was about the size of our bathroom and not nearly as clean, lol!

We also went swimming at the hotel pool. It was really cold so we spent the whole time in the hot tub, which was an awesome pee yellow color! That didn't stop us, down here we can't find a single pool that will let you take your kids (anyone under 16 years old) in the hot tub. Isn't that crazy!? AJ LOVES the hot tub as do I, I know that the signs say that you shouldn't go in if you're pregnant but my Doctor says it's okay after the first trimester as long as you don't let your core body temperature get to high.

Check out the awesome towels they have, not only were the Giant but they were also made of sand paper so you could exfoliate while drying off. HA HA HA!
Easter Sunday was great. Again AJ thought it was another birthday celebration but we tried to explain about the easter bunny, not luck! He also got a fun easter package from his Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Alaina up in Edmonton. Thanks Guys he LOVED it!

Dust and Lyndz we asked to speak in church, which I know was a little intimidating since it was "invite your friend to church day" but the did great! Dust said that there were 8 of his class mates who came and he went and had a chat with them after. They all seemed pretty impressed with his talk and his confidence in the gospil.

We has our traditional Ham and Funeral potatos and then some of Cindys awesome Blueberry banana Pie. It was great. After a relaxing evening it was time to say our good-byes to the Grandparents. We all tried to be strong but it was really heartbreaking to see them go. I just can't belive that I won't see them again until I am a Mother of TWO! I miss them already, can't wait for our next visitors! Let us know when YOU can make it!

Parents Weekend!

On Thursday afternoon my parents arrived in Portland, Yippie!!!! This is the first time Mom has been here and the first real trip down for Dad. He drove down in December to help Dust & Lyndz move, but it was one of the quickest and sickest trips ever!

To start things off right we had everyone over for AJ's birthday dinner. His birthday was on Monday but we saved the family dinner for when Grandma and Grandpa could be here. I think he is under the impression that Birthdays are a week long celebration, and why not!

We had a spaghetti dinner when the boys got home and then, AJ's favorite part, sang happy birthday and blew out the candles. I was going for strawberry shot cake, which I decided to ice in whip cream...... So there it is. Stop judging me and move on, we can't all make Fancy little car cakes and ladybug cup cakes! Ha ha ha.

We decided to save presents for tonight as well. It's fun for the Grandparents to see AJ open some gifts and be here for him to thank. He LOVES his new truck, movies, and books. He also got a pack of air plane stickers with his movie and bubbles from Dust & Lyndz and couldn't seem to get enough! He carries them all over the place and points out the planes, jets, and helicopters to you. He is such a funny little guy.

The next day Grandpa & Grandma also got him some Hot Wheeles and a case to put them in, which he is obsessed with! I swear he could sit and line those cars up for hours. He will literally sit on the floor and line them all up, then take them one by one and line them up on the couch, and then back to the floor. I will try to get it on video, it's too cute.

Conference Weekend

I know that conference was last weekend but I wanted to take a minute to reflect back and tell you what an amazing experience it was for us this year.

After our busy trip to Canada and a 12 hour drive home Friday a weekend in seemed like the perfect plan. The house was clean and after a quick trip to Winco we were all stocked up to stay inside.

AJ was so excited to be home all he wanted to do was play with his toys and run around like a wild man. This can be a little distracting when watching general Conference but what can you do? For any of you looking for ideas here's mine.

* Invite a friend over (so their parents can have a little peace to enjoy conference too!)

* Assemble a fun little play center out on the deck, complete with snacks and music if possible

* Then lock them out! lol, they were right off the living room so we could see them the whole time but they LOVED it and we where were able to enjoy the morning session in peace. Of course AJ was sleeping in the afternoon so we got to hear that on too.

Sunday we kept AJ inside with us to enjoy a pancake breakfast and listen to the morning session. He did great and then napped for the afternoon. We also went on a few walks around the neighbourhood to enjoy the beautiful weather and hung out with Dust and Lyndz after our two weeks apart.

Conference was amazing! I love all the talks and felt so uplifted by the things that were shared. One of the main messages I got was, Yes, the economy is bad and people are suffering but things are not THAT bad! We all need to re-focus, find our eternal perspective, and start serving each other to accomplish the Lord will.

My goal after this conference is to become a more compassionate person. To seek out opportunities for service and actually act upon then. As Mom's we usually put our Kids and husbands first, always before ourselves, but I want to do more than serve my family. I want to put others first and serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.

I know that as we progress towards our eternal goals, serve our fellow man, and live the Gospel we can find true and everlasting happiness.

"Get of the side lines and practice what you preach!"
-President Uchtdorf


Birthday Party

On AJ's birthday we went out to the Clackamus mall to let the kids play and ten had everyone back here for a pancake lunch. This is basically AJ's favorite meal so I thought it would be a good choice, plus most kids love pancakes! After that we let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with gummy bears, runts, and smarties. It was so much fun and everyone has a great time. I am not sure how all the moms felt about me sugaring up their kids right before nap time but I thought it was great, lol. . Everyone sang to AJ but we forgot to tape it so we did it again and he was so excited about it! He loved the attention and when everyone clapped after he blew out the candles, he kept whispering in my ear, "Mama, AJ's friends sing again please." it was too cute.

Last of all presents. I am not sure why but I wasn't thinking that there would be presents at a two year olds party, but there where and boy was AJ excited! He got some finger pains, stickers, PJ's, a new truck, and Bubbles! He was in heaven and still can't get over all his new treasures. He was really good to say thank-you and give hugs but I would just like to say again to everyone who came, Thanks for making AJ's birthday so great! We loved having everyone over and all the kids played so great together. Love ya guys