Canada Trip 2009 - Family, Friends.

Tuesday March 24th 2009

Today was our day to run around and get all the little things taken care of. Banking, new Drivers licence, etc. etc. It was so weird to be back in Lethbridge running around like we never left. AJ was pretty patient but seemed happy to be back at grandma and grandpas house for the night. After dinner we played and watched biggest loser and celebrity apprentice, hold Denice Rodmin!

Wednesday March 25th 2009

Pack up again we are heading to the Poytress's. We wanted to make sure we spent some time with everyone so we planned to spend the next few days in Fort Mcleod. Although Amber is the only one still living at home, luck was on our side again, and we were able to see the whole family.

Jeff's brother was getting married on the weekend and so the Wolf family along with Jared and Jordan planned on stopping by for dinner on their was to Cardston. The wedding was going to be at Jeff's parents cabin which ended up having a burst pipe, Chelsea and Jeff needed to go help get thing fixed up quick so the girls got to stay with us at Grandma and Papa's house for a few days.

When everyone arrived on Wednesday night it was like Christmas eve! Great Grandma & Grandpa Poytress came and all of Aaron's immediate family was there as well. Of course Lorraine made an amazing dinner, which was only surpassed by her famous apple pie. It was so nice to relax and visit with everyone and AJ couldn't get enough of Aby and Sidney. It's such a blessing for AJ to be so close to his cosines even though we live so far apart.

Again I failed to take a single picture, nice work Mom!

Thursday March 26th 2009

With Grandma and Grandpa at work we thought we would spice things up with a Pancake breakfast. Sure, Sure I say it's for the kids but everyone knows I'm a pancake addict and just can't get enough!

Since Grandpa only worked a half day today he decided to take the Grand kids swimming out in clarsholme. Down here in Portland we can't find a single pool that will let kids in the hot tub. All of them have a 16 years and older policy which really annoys me since going in the hot tub is AJ's favorite part! We played for an hour, again no pictures, and then Grandpa got the kids some gummy candies for the ride home.

After dinner and some more cousinly bonding it was time for the kids to hit the hay. As usual we stayed up way to late chatting, but isn't that what being with family is all about!?

Friday March 27th 2009

Pack it up, we are back on the road. This time we were heading even farther north, all the way up to Edmonton. My body was still mad at me about our drive from Portland but we had people to see so you just gotta suck it up.

Our first stop was Red Deer, Alberta. Both Aaron's Parents grew up there and most of the Dye (Lorraine's) family still lives there. It has been far to long since we have seen Grandma Dottie and the counsel of aunts so we called everyone up and stopped in for a visit.

Grandma looked so good and seemed to be feeling relatively well, but Grandparents always say they are good regardless of their true standing, lol! It was to bad that Lorraine wasn't there because we wanted a few 4 Generation pictures but we snapped a few of these instead.

Here is AJ is 3 of his Great Aunt's. Can you believe that Jen (on the right) just had her 9th baby 6 months ago!?!? I don't know how she dose it but she looks great and is such a good Mom, she really need to write a book or something. Age had a great time playing with all the cool toys at Great Grandmas house and Even went in to the cool cubby hole, which is now a fort.

It was so fun to spend some time out in Red Deer we really don't see the Dye since of the family as much as we would like but it's always great when we do get together. Love you guys!

Back in the car for the last leg of our journey. It was already almost 3:00 so AJ passed right out and slept all the way to Edmonton, I think Aaron may have dozed off to. Poy drove most of the time we were on the highway through out the trip but sometimes I insisted on driving because I could tell he was to tired to go on. We both love driving but he usually likes to drive when we are on our road trips. Anyways we got to Edmonton and headed straight for Dave and Dee's for dinner. I am sure most of you remember all the blogs from this time last year that always included Dave and Dee. They lived in the basement suit and we live upstairs and basically became inseparable, well at least me and Dee where! She is now one of my closest friends and we couldn't wait to get together.

It was like AJ & Lauren hadn't missed a single day together They were just as comfortable with each other as ever and hurried downstairs to start playing.

We were also so excited to meet their new baby Girl Kira Rose Gunderson. What a beautiful baby! I just couldn't get enough of her and all that hair! I don't know what Dee and Chuck were doing during their pregnancies to have babies with so much hair but I wish they would let me in in the secret!

Our visit seemed way to short and of course made me miss all those lazy days we spend hanging out, baking, playing at the park and in the yard, BBQing on the deck, watching the boys baseball games, golfing, and playing the train game. WE REALLY MISS YOU GUYS!!!!

We rolled in to the Tolmans between 9:30 and 10:00, stayed up to late visiting AGAIN, and finally passed out after and long and wonderful day.

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lynz said...

wow - she really is a baby doll eh? i can't believe how cute she is! fun pics and good work on remembering everything so you can write about it :)