Kalispell Weekend

Sorry that I wasn't able to blog while I was away but I was to busy and far to tired!!! So on Saturday morning we packed the Truck and followed Mom & Dad (who had picked up Dust and Lyndz) Down to Kalispel. The roads where packed with people trying to get out of town for the weekend but eventually we made it to our first stop, West Glacier. Oddly enough we spent most of the time in the Alberta visitors center looking at all the things we were missing out on back home, he he!

Once we had enough of that we were back on the road. It was only about 30 minutes from our hotel so AJ was able to stay awake. This trip has been a while in the making, but we we sure that after booking our rooms 3 months in advance they would be side by side, alas we where 8 rooms and 2 floors apart! Oh well. It was a really nice hotel and we were just happy to be all check in. We spent the weekend relaxing, playing games and doing all the things we love the best such as.....

Eat at all the best places we could find: Famous Daves BBQ, Bajio, Loula's, yummie!

We went to this amazing lake in the heart of Kalisplell which has tonz on diffrent birds to see and feed, but we got there to late and really just ended up feeding the mosquitos! *SAD* However Aaron did decide to get out a few geese which turned ito a lot of geese chasing him around the car. We were laughing so hard we had tears streaming don our faces, thanks Poy!


Al I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your son was not on his best behaviour down there, in fact he bet all our spending money on one hand, seven deuce not the winner. Just kidding!
And then of couse it just wouldn't be a real vacation if the boy's didn't do a little golfing. The got up Monday morning at 6:30 to make an 8:00 Tee time in West glacier. It was suppose to be really hot out but they beat the heat and had a great time. This was Dad's first time golfing in about four years but the boys said he was still able to hold his own, mostly! he he, good job Dad!
We had the best time in Kalispell! It is going to be a tradition that we stick to, I remember going with our family when I was young and I loved it! Thanks for the best trip family we love you!


A 26 you old Toad!

It is true, today Toad turned 26 years old!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! After a 4 hour round of golf this morning everyone got together to celebrate this special day with cake, ice cream, fruit salad, and cup cakes. The food was great but the best part was the gift. We have had Thomasa's birthday present sitting in our closet for months. In fact we have had it so long we almost forgot to give it to him. Any way's when he first started opening it he was pretty confused,

But confusion turned into pure joy when we finally got it all assembled, Yippie.

This is a lamp that we got at my store two years ago a special give away, but we forgot to give it away. So now it belongs to our good friend Toad, we hope you think of us when you every time you turn it on and she starts to dance. We hope your 26th year is full of fun times, Happy Birthday!

Spray Park

Summer is in full swing here in Lethbridge and AJ just can't seem to get enough. This morning we got up and got ready for a day at the spray park. I packed a lunch of watermelon, raisins, yogurt, and milk grabbed the blanket and we were on our way. We went with Dee, Lauren, Brit, Jordan, and baby Sadie, at just 17 days old I am sure she was the youngest one there. The water was extremely cold but since it was already 24 degrees at 10:30 the kids didn't really seem to mind. Age played so hard that when we finally got home for his nap at 1:30 he slept for 3 and a half hours! I couldn't believe it, that is an hour longer than usual! Maybe we should go to the spray park every day. Anyways I hope you love the photo's I just love how he looks in his little swimming shorts!

Okay so I couldn't get the pictures of Dee's SD card for some reason so here are some spray pary pictures form today!


Sun Babies!

Well the good weather has only been here for a few weeks but it has already become crystal clea that AJ is an outdoors kind of guy. He just loves being at the pool, playing in the backyard, out for walks to the park, or just hanging out on the deck with Lauren in our little pool. When we are inside he brings me the keys and says "Car, CAR!!" or gose to the back door, dangs on the window and says, "Go, Go!" It is really funny. All that time outside really makes for a good nights rest and longer naps, which I have no complaints about. Yesterday morning we took the kids to the spray park. It is just a great place to go in the summer and the kids really love it. Unfortunatly there we about a hundred grade 3 kids there on a school trip but the kids didn't really even notice! Here the kids are later that afternoon playing out in the pool. They were out there for about an hour and a half (don't worrie Grandmas I made sure to slather him in lots of SPF 50 befor and while we were out there!) and then came in for some dinner.

Oh yeah and I finally found something that will hold AJ's hair if I spike it, so here it is!



We had such a fun weekend, unfortunately the batteries in the camera were dead so I have like no pictures! I know it's sad but I am sure you want to hear all about my weekend anyways. Saturday morning after running the Ladies fest run, The Poytress's came to pick up AJ so that we could go to the Temple. We went with Toad and Chuck to the 11:30 session. It was really big and we ended up being there for just over two hours . after our session Aaron was asked to be a proxy for a family sealing, I have never been to something like that before and it was really neat! This woman was probably in her Eighties, she just couldn't stop smiling, it was really great experience. Since we were at the Temple for longer than we expected we really had to boggie home because Char-Lane had to get to work and Toad had Basketball. As for Aaron and I, we spent the rest of the day BBQing with the Poytress family and hanging out at the Fort McLeod swimming pool. We had a blast and AJ just loved his day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

After Church on Sunday we went to my Aunt Dixie's house for a Fathers day celebration! Grandpa was in the hospital for the real fathers day so we decided to have a BBQ for him this week instead. The weather couldn't have been better, we spent all afternoon outside visiting and eating. After toasting some 'mallows and trying to get Aaron to share a smore we made our way home. It was a busy weekend and AJ had a few later nights than he's use to but this is what summer is all about and we're loving every minute of it!



For Mothers Day my Mom got Lyndz and I one of the wonderful gifts in the whole world, PEDICURES!!!!! I know it's been a while since mothers day but we wanted her to come with us and it's not so easy to get appointment for three people at the same time! (especially during grad season)Anyways at the last minute Mom was unable to make it so Deanna took her place. We had a ton of fun visiting, choosing our colors, and getting to know Janie, Amber, and Jade (our pedicure girls.) So here they are, mine look a little darker than they actually are in this picture. They are a dark reddish Brown and they look way better then they did at Jorpo's awards nigh, thank goodness. Later we went out for appetizers with Chuck. It was Fun to get out and have a girls night, but I think today my husband might want to see me. On Monday I go to Lyndsey's to watch the bacheloret and he went to try the food at "The Walk Box" for free since Monday was their trial run!so we haven't seen each other much this week and I just feel ready to spend a little time with him.

P.S. Do you think this is a cool picture or just kind of creepy?


Words best Dad's

We started out this wonderful day by seeing Blake bless his 8 month old son Jayce. It was such a nice way to start out our morning, then it was back home to get ready for our church. This Sunday I gave my second ever talk in church, I was feeling a little nervous because I was suppose to speak for just over 15 minutes, and my family had come to listen. Aaron helped with my talk and I felt really prepared so the nerves just melted away and the talk went great. Everyone came back here for Lasagna and a Fathers Day Celebrations!! We ate dinner and then tested out Dustin's new boccie ball set. I swear everyone else must have been pracicing their Boccie skills before they came because they where all much more..... practiced than me. To cool of we cut into the DQ ice cream cake. We found this "special" cake will out for a DQ with Dust and Lyndz the other night and we thought who better to give this little cake a home than us!?!? Especially at 50% off, good find Lyndz!! We know that Fathers Day is a time to focus on our fathers but just couldn't help but giving Zoe a little of our love! She is only 2 months old and so small, I can't wait till we have our own puppy! Look at how cute she is.

Anyways I just want to first thank my Dad (Darren) For the perfect father he has been to me! I love you so much with all of my heart and I am so very grateful for you raising me the way you did. You are one of my very best friends, I know that I can come to you with anything, and I have always know that you love me as much as any father could love a daughter. You mean the world to me and I love you!!!!

Next I want to wish my Dad (Steele) the happiest fathers day ever. Over the past few years our relationship has grown in ways I never thought it would. You have always been a part of my life but you are now a very important part of my day to day life and I have grown to love you so much more. You are a great man and example, I have so much to learn from you, and I am really excited to do so. I love you very much and feel very blessed to have you as part of me and my families life!

And last by certainly not least my newest Dad, Al! I guess what I am most grateful for is the amazing son you have raised. His love and respect for me are learned from the way you treat your wife, you are a truly great example to him. Although I have only known you for 3 and a half years, I love you just as much as these other guys. From the day Aaron and I got engaged you accepted me as a part of your family and I know that I can talk to as well as rely on you if ever I need to. I have a great love for you so thanks!!

Well that sum's up our fathers day and ALL the fathers I have been blessed with, I will try to keep up with my blog a little better this week! Peace

Crazy June

This month is full of events in the Poytress family. Since it is hard to get all the family together we just have one big celebrating for everyone! So on Friday night everyone headed out to Fort Macleod for a big BBQ. We got there early so that AJ could spend a little time with his Grandma and Grandpa Poytress before all the extended family arrived. This was the perfect opportunity to help grandpa set up his new BBQ and try out AJ's new golf set.
! Dinner was really great, I just love those Angus burgers from Costco, and every one brought the yummiest salads! we found out that AJ LOVES Doritos. It was nice to get together a visit, we haven't seen Aaron's sister Chelsie and her family for while so we got to catch up. So here it is, our busy June:
Happy Birthday to Myla who will be Baptized on the 26th
Happy 30th Anniversary to Al & Lorraine
Happy 53rd Anniversary To Grandma & Grandpa Poytress
Congratulations to Jorpo & Nani for Graduating
Happy Father Day to all the amazing Poytress men!
Congratulations to Blake for Graduating with his Bachelor in Education
Okay I don't have the list so I know I forgot a ton of stuff but I will add them later


There are not a lot of people in my life that I would call hero's. It's a pretty big deal to be a hero and before you get that sort of title I have to know you're going to live up to! However in my life there is one man who has sat on this pedestal for as long as I can remember, Grandpa Fairbanks. My Grandpa is one of the most amazing men you will ever meet. He has a great testimony, the best seance of humor, and an unwavering love for his family. Recently his blood has been so thin he's been getting headaches and on Friday night he took a hard fall. Once at the hospital the discovered that his heart rate was only 30 beats per minute which is REALLY low! They took him off his heart medication and by Saturday afternoon he was feeling a little better. We went to visit him, he just loves seeing all his grand kids and especially his great grandson AJ. The boys gave him a priesthood blessing and then sat and watched the PGA tour with him until he was ready for a nap. When I asked grandpa how he was feeling he said, "pretty good." Never once did he complain while we were there, to me Grandpa will always be a true Hero!


Jorpo's Grad

I know that it has been a week since my last post so I have a lot t catch you up on. On Thursday night we went out to Fort Macleod for the annual Blue and White. Jordan is involved in all the school sports and will be graduating this year so we went out to see what awards he would be presented with. Since the cerimony usuall lasts about three hours we left AJ at home with Dusting and Lyndsey. the evening started out with the Jr. High and the drama award, it was a little slow. During this time I realized it's time for a pedicure, yuck!

It was a really great date night for poy and I, Jordan came home with every award there is, and we were able to sit and visit at the Poytress's untill 11:00. Jordan is a really amazing guy and we are so happy that AJ has him to look up to. All of the award presenters had nothing but good things to say about him, what a great missionary he's going to make!

Cute Blogs

I have been looking for a good site to get these cute blog pages from and thanks to Erin (my cousin) I finally found one! Yippie! You can find them at:
So you can expect me to be changing it A LOT since I love them all and want to experiment!


Rainy Days

All the worms are officially drowned in Lethbridge, the rain can stop any day now! We have been stuck in the house ever since we got back from Arizona but at least we have our fun trip to look back on! Since the sump pump in our home is unusually noise and located directly under AJ's bedroom, he's been sleeping in our closet. It's not the best set-up but it works. After a few long night's AJ and Aaron couldn't fight it anymore and finally crashed

They sure are good looking boys!
It hasn't all been soggy days stuck in side since we got back. Last night our good friends Toad & Chuck had us over for dinner. We had delicious quesadillas followed by Aaron's all time favorite Banana Cream Pie!!! Char-lane did an amazing job on dinner and it was so nice to get out of the house. Before getting AJ home to bed we stopped over at the Derricott's to meet their newest little family member, Sadie June. She is a beautiful, healthy, baby girl, talk about giving a girl baby fever!! Just kidding, hearing about her labour reminded me of all the sacrifices mom's make.

AJ was so excited about Saidie, every time we asked him where the baby was he was he would go over to who ever had her and just stare. He loved touching he soft hair and was so gentle with her. She was smacking her lips a little so AJ put his finger in his mouth and she sucked on it. He was so exited, he looked up at me with a big smile and said, "ooooooooo" Anyways it was really cute, one day he's going to be a great big brother. Until then he will just have to settle for a new little cousin this December!