More from toasty Arizona

Those are real zebra coats, it was kind of gross to sit on, the couch felt like a horse, yuck!

Today the boy's were up and on the golf course for a 6:20 tee time. Since it was Levi's last day in Arizona they picked him up and he went with them as well. Dad won by one stroke but they all had a great time.(They got some great pictures that I will post tomorrow) Us girls spent the morning reading, sun bathing, playing with AJ, and swimming in the pool. AJ has developed a pretty nasty cold so he has been sleeping a lot over the past few day but when he's up he loves to spent time in his little tent out by the pool. He thinks he's such a big boy with his own little tent.

This afternoon we went back to the Bass shop and took some pictures. It really is a cool place even if you don't like to hunt or fish. They Have hundreds of stuffed animals, they are literally everywhere. We thought AJ might have a dirty diaper but he tried to convince us otherwise.
Anyways we had a blast and are really enjoying our time down here. We found this great BBQ place to eat at tonight called Dave's BBQ. All I can say is.... Delicious! We've got another busy day tomorrow so I better be off to bed, Love to all our Family can't wait to see you next week!



These are just a few pictures from our Day today. We spent the morning relaxing and exploring the condo grounds. We found this really cool little water fountain and stream between two condos, the kids loved it! They sat there throwing rocks in the water for 15 minutes and then we had to get out of the heat. Everyone spent 3 1/2 hours in the pool while me and Cindy spent 4 hours at the mall finding all shorts of treasures, shopping can be so much work! All is well with us, Love to everyone back home!


Busy, Busy.

AJ must still be on Alberta time because he was up this morning at 4:50 and going back to bed just didn't seem to be an option. He and I went out for a 45 minute walk around the complex which is so beautiful. The grounds people keep it so clean no wounder there who about a hundred people jogging around here! The boys spent the morning golfing (18 hole, 4 hours, 85 degrees, and 2 Californians sounds like a party!) while the rest of us took a stroll in the park and a dip in the pool. AJ napped for 3 hours today which was so nice, by 11:00 I was so tired I joined him for 2 hours, it felt so good! We spent this afternoon shopping at Target, Costco, a really horrible outlet store which will be going under any day now, and this really cool store called Bass Pro Sports - Outdoor world. It may sound lame but it was so cool! They must have had over 1000 stuffed animals in there, a climbing wall, a stream you can fish in, shooting range NAS Car simulator, it was really cool but we didn't have our camera so we are going to go back another day. Dinner was a Delicious meal at Logans Roadhouse, AJ love that he could throw the peanut shells on the floor and not get in trouble for it. Right now the Tolmans are down at the pool, AJ's asleep, and Aaron and I are just relaxing, who new vacations could be so exhausting!Sorry no pictures today but I will post lots tomorrow!


We made it!

This morning we got up at 2:00 and made are way up to Calgary to fly out. It was really early but we had that vacation rush, we were at the airport before we knew it. AJ did great, sleeping all the way to Calgary, and then having breakfast and play time at the airport.
AJ couldn't get enough of looking out the window, he was SO interested in everything that was going on. He didn't sleep much, which was a little disheartening but we made it with only about 15 minutes of freaking out. Cindy and Alaina didn't know we were coming on vacation with them, we ran to their gate so surprise them but they were already on their way to claim their bags. We ran into them just outside the washrooms, Alaina was like "Lacey? what are you doing here? Are you guys the surprise?" So we are here safe, sound, and exhausted! It is 3:30 our time and still no nap. Hope everything is great back home, Love!

P.S. In a desperate attempt to stop AJ's screaming we gave him a Kit Kat stick, this is the result.


Singing in the Rain

The May long weekend is said to be the best time to plant your garden and this year it worked out perfectly. Last weekend was full of inspiring sunshine, and to reward all those hard working gardeners the Lord has sent us 80mm of rain over the past three days, can you believe it, 80mm! We've been thinking of this week as a weather boot camp in preparation for our move to Oregon. Grandpa & Grandma Peterson got AJ this new rain jacket for when we move but this week has been great trial run. He really should have pants and gumboots too but he wanted to go outside so bad I just had to take him. I think the look on his face says it all, he's ready for whatever Portland has to throw at him!
It's also been a big week for Dustin and Lyndsey. As of last Tuesday, Lyndz was 11 weeks pregnant and we are officially allowed to share the news. I am going to be an Aunt, Hurray!!!!! She's not showing just yet but we should have a cute little baby belly popping out in the next few weeks. Her due date is December 8th and I was a little bummed that I will be living 12 hours away from my first little niece or nephew. On Wednesday afternoon we walked over to visit Dustin, he was so bored not working in all this rain. When we got there he asked me if I had seen anything in the mailbox so I ran out to check, and there it was......
His acceptance letter to Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon!!!!!!
Congratulations Dustin! You worked so hard and now me and Lyndsey get to be school buddies. So as you can seen I'll actually be living closer to them and their new little baby than anyone else, yippee.

To celebrate the boys being accepted at WSCC and almost done at U of L Mom and Dad took us all out for a nice dinner at the Keg last night. The food was so good, I wish I had remembered my camera, oh well next time I guess. AJ was at the Ott's house so we were all able to relax and enjoy each others company. Everyone missed him but sometimes you just gotta have a night for just the adults. We really appreciate everything our parents do for us, it's going to be so hard to live so far away!


May Long

This year Aaron and I spent May long weekend with no less than 1100 miles between us, very sad. Thursday afternoon Aaron and his Dad packed up the Corvett and made their way down to Portland Oregon, soon to be home sweet home! They had a great time exploring WSCC's campus, looking for a house to buy, and of course site seeing! Aaron loved Oregon and can't wait to show AJ and I all the fun stuff to do and see.

I was so glad to hear that Aarons weekend was so much fun, mine on the other hand was a little tuffer. Just after Aaron left AJ got sick all over the back seat! He has never done anything like that befor, it was so gross and so sad. I can't belive how much it breaks your heart to see your little one sick. I turned the car around and went back to the Poytress's to get things under control but with no one to help it was a little overwhelming!

I spent the rest of the weekend in Stirling at Mom & Dad's. AJ really wasn't feeling well with the heat and about 6 little teeth trying working their way out, but with my parents help we made it through. We went on lots of walks, a few drives, and I got to sleep in till 8:00, Yippie!!!! It was a long weekend but we loved being out in Stirling with Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, Without them I don't know what I would have done.

On Monday afternoon Aaron came home, never have a been so happy to see him. I know that it was only 4 nights and 5 days but it felt like FOREVER. Without Poy things just aren't the same around here. Love ya Babe!


Laundry Basket

This is one of AJ's favourite games to play. He loves to go for rides down the hall in the laundry basket. Sometimes he likes to take his toys along for the ride! So cute!


My Sweeties!

Hutch's birthday party was a hit! The weather smartened up for the day and we were able to BBQ burgers and smokies. Everyone visited while the kids played and then we got it in our minds to try and take some pictures before the kids went to bed. These are basically AJ's only and best friends so far! Lauren is the cutie with all the hair. Her and her parents (Dave & Deanna) live in the basement and everytime she gets up from her nap she says, "AJ? AJ?" They love to play together and do so almost everyday! Next is Jordan, her parents are Mike & Britt and they babysat AJ during that ridicullas phase when I was working!Jordan loves to take care of AJ. When he is sad she will find his favorite blanket and bring it to him, so cute! Last but certainly not least is Hayden. He is younger than AJ but certainly not smaller! He is 6 pounds heavier and 4 inches taller. When these two boys get together Hayden uses AJ as a prop to help him stand up and AJ steals Haydens toys and then just walks away!Anyways, we put the kids to bed and played games till 12:00 when we could no longer stay awake, it was a great night!
Mother's Day was such a blast! After sleeping in untill 8:OO I woke up to the smell of bacon and really what better way to be woken up!?!? Aaron and AJ we hard at work getting a generous breakfast for us to share. It tasted even better than it looked! Each night I wake Aaron up two or three time to tell me what time it is because I can't read the clock without my contacts and so for mother's day he got me a new alarm clock with the "Super Big" display. The numbers are like and inch and a half tall, I was laughing so hard! He is such a sweetie. Little AJ gave me all the slimy kisses I could handle and was so cute all day. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Poytress's house on the Northside for a big family dinner, where all the women were forced to wear spring hats. It was really fun but I forgot my camera, when I get a copy of the pictures I will post them.


Back to the good Life

Despite the wind and rain it has been a fantastic week. It may sound crazy, but after 8 weeks on the job I was a little nervous to be back at home. AJ is so full of energy and likes to be busy, how did I ever keep him entertained? But being a mom is like riding a bike, and I am back at home at loving every minute of it. On Monday we went swimming in the morning and then out to the park in the afternoon. We met up with my friend Kathy who I haven't seen since high school. What a blast! She is living in Portland right now and says that it is the most amazing place to live, so of course I am ever more excited about September's big move!
Every Tuesday for the past month or so my Dad Steele has been flying down from Edmonton for work and a massage (don't ask!). It's really weird to see him for one full day every week, but we are loving it! Now AJ recognizes him as one of his many grandpas. We pick him up and drive him where he needs to go, stopping for lunch, dinner, and naps along the way. Here's Grandpa and AJ reading a naptime story. Since Dave and Deanna are back from Paris we spent the next few days going to the park and hanging ot with them. On Thursday night, Toad and Chuck came over to watch Lost and The Office. I can't believe Lost, AHHHH!! Anyways I am overjoyed to be done working and back to being a stay-at-home mother and wife to the handsome men in my life. This weekend is our friend Hutch Orr's 30th birthday, so we are getting ready for a big BBQ this afternoon. We are expecting around 25 people so it should be a blast! I'll post pictures from the party in a few days. Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers, enjoy it!


Weekend Off

This was a busy weekend for us, but so much fun. On Friday, Dust & Lyndz came over to hang out and have a BBQ since it was so gorgeous out. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs on the deck and AJ discovered the dogs next door. Dustin must have sat there with him for 20 minutes trying to teach AJ to bark like the dogs, but no luck!

Later that evening, Mike and Brittany came over to play games. It has been too long since we have hung out with them, it's funny how the time flies by when you both have kids. Anyways, Brittany is due in 3 weeks, but we took pictures last night becaues she feels ready to pop at any minute. I remeber looking and feeling like that. It made me realize the physical sacrifices our mothers go through to get us here, we really do owe them so much. THANKS MOM!
Saturday was another beautiful day. We dropped AJ off for his first ever sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's around 1:00, and then headed to the Temple. Aaron's cousin Amanda was getting married and since gas is $1.25/L, we thought we would get a session in while we were out there. We had such a relaxing and peaceful day, it's unfailing, the Temple always gives you that overwhelming calm and peace. The Bride and Groom looked happier than ever and we were able to see most of the Dye family, which dosen't happen very often. It's was nice to catch up.
After an unusually quiet sunday morning and Church meetings it was time for my last birthday dinner of the year. Mom made all my favorites: ham, funeral potatoes, corn, and no-bake cheesecake! Delicious! When we got there AJ was down for a nap and didn't get up for a whole hour. We had to at least go peak in on him, it's crazy how much you can miss your little ones after only one day!
All in all it was a really fun weekend.


Work? What Work?

After 7 weeks of full time work I am once again a stay at home mom, Yippie! Since I will not be able to work while we are living in the states I though it might be fun go back until we move in September. As it turns out I was wrong. It was really hard the first few days because I had never left AJ with anyone for a whole day before. He was also learning so many new things all I could think about during my shift was what I might be missing at home! After a few weeks it got easier to get through my shifts but things at home were only getting worse. AJ was catching on to the fact that I was always sneaking out so every time I put on a hoodie or picked up the keys he would start crying and cling to me for the next hour. I felt so bad to see him upset especially since it wasn't really important that I was back at work. I mean you can always use more money but we would be fine without the pay cheques. After going to the Temple and being overwhelmed with the feeling that I should be at home with my son, I put in my notice, and here we are. I will miss working with AJ, Megan, and Kenny they were such a fun work crew and we always had the best shifts but after 3 years it is finally time to say good-bye to West 49, cheers!
(AJ's 27 and he still can't just smile for a picture!)