Sugar High, here we come!

Ginger bread houses are one of my least favorite Christmas traditions but I just can't seem to give it up. Every year I put off buying a ginger bread kit as long as possible but then ginger bread night comes and I cave in and get one. I love seeing the kids decorate them but I hate holding them off while you try to get the stupid thing put together. Then I hate seeing their sad little faces when they push a candy on to hard nd the wall come crashing down!

It's a messy, time consuming, and always frustrating experience but the past few years I have adopted a zen attitude towards all gingerbread houses. I sit back and take the pictures while Poy and the boys do all the work. I disregard bedtime and purposely turn a blind eye to whatever they eat. I enjoy they happy faces, the Christmas music, good friends, and of course a few little candies!

This was Holly and Dan's first year attempting the Gingerbread house and it turned out pretty well. I think Dan spent about 2 hours on his icicles and they still didn't look as good as my 2 minute attempt, HA HA HA!

Aaron insisted I be a part of the festivities this year so I tried my had at a little icing work......NOT GREAT! Oh well at least I got in there and put my mark on our place right?

Miles preferred the job of candy sampler as oppose to actual decorator like AJ. In face AJ was quite upset that Miles kept eating all his decorations!