Sick of Sick.

We went through a round of the flu the First week of December. It was ruff. It hit us one at a time with no brake in between, 2 days Miles, 2 Days AJ, and then Me and Nate at the same time. Blah!!!!! (Aaron is some how immune to all these little bugs that settle into our home.) Here they are celebrating "Smily face Soup" It's home made soup made with better than bullion, carrots, celery, green onions, and quinoa. We all love it and it makes us feel warm and healthy. Nate also had half a mashed up avocado with a little garlic and parsley to help with the cold, he just eats it straight up with a spoon and feels happy! It's probably his favorite food right now.

But I was happy all that flu stuff out of the way before Christmas so that we could get out there and enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately now that Christmas is over our unwelcome friend has returned. Not the flu but chest colds, runny noses, sinus infections, and swollen/Guncky eyes. Sad.  First it was just Miles with the goopy eyes, them Beckam came to sleep over and developed a fever in the night. He left the fever with Nate and we sent the Goopy eyes home with him.

Last night I was literally up all night with Tiny (That's my nick name for Nate, get use to it if your gonna be a regular here) I got home from Zumba at 9:45 and he woke up right around 10:15, at least I had time to grab a quick shower! Anyways I camped out on the couch with him all night watching Gilmore Girls and the First season of Ben heads while he dozed on my chest. What a little furnace he was! We keep our house at a cool 60 degrees which usually means moccasins and blankets are a must, but last night NOW WAY! He was sweating up a storm, poor Tiny! So he got a good amount of sleep and I got none but I did get to enjoy all his snuggles and some TV time which is rare so all in all.... not a bad night!

Also AJ came out about 1:45 coughing up a storm. He has caught the deep cough! Seriously? I have been talking like a man all week but thought that our contagiousness had passed, nice try! I sent him up to Poy and didn't hear anything else until morning. Here his is camped out on the couch for the day. (Notice Miles, I guess "photo bombing" comes natural to him)

We might not be the healthiest family on the block but at least we are all in good spirits and still having fun! He's the boys as clean and healthy looking as I could get them after Tub Time last night!


Healthy = Happy

Aaron and I have both spent a lot of time learning about and focusing on our health over the past year. I just can't think of anything more important or special than our bodies and keeping them in good health. We both want to make sure that physical fitness is something our boys see as a part of life, now and forever. Although they are not great eaters now, I have trained them to be carb and sugar addicts!, My biggest new years resolution is to not only eat healthy myself but teach them to eat and maybe even like healthy foods. Step one: DON'T REFER TO IT AS HEALTHY FOOD!  ha ha ha.

Anyways, physical fitness and eating well is a part of our lives which mean it will be a part of our blog, if you don't like it: Stop reading! ha ha ha.  So I have decided to keep running this year and my first goal is to run the moon light run in under 50 minutes. It's 10k or 6 miles and this will be my second time running it. Last year I ran it and it was my first ever 10K!!!!! It took me 58:11 I was 29th in my age group, this year I hope to knock out both those numbers. I started the year of right with a chilly 4 Miles in the river bottom with deep snow that felt like sand under my feet. I didn't love it but Mookie did so I guess that's something!!!! lol
(Photo By Miles. I got one take, no notice, and then he put the camra on the ground and ran in the house saying to Frezzing!!!! So there it is.)

I will also be teaching 5 Zumba classes a week and taking some weekend courses at the college working towards my AFLCA certification. Wish me luck!

Aaron will be doing crossfit training as well as 2-3 runs a week to get ready for his big event: THE TUFF MUDDER! You may be wondering what the heck a Tuff Mudder is, well here it is in their own words: Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses, half a million inspiring participants, and more than $3 million raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world. Check it out here.

Aaron and some his friends from School will all be taking part as a team in June. It will be in Portland and I get to tag alone for a girls weekend and maybe even a run down in Portland, so excited!!!!!!!! Anyways we are gear up for a new year full of carrots and cardio! lol


New Years Day


Wow last year was such a whirl wind, moving to Fort Macleod was a major change for our family but it should be our last big relocation for....... well probably ever!
Aaron is now a practicing Chiropractor and partner at Fort Macleod Chiropractic, Serving in the YM as 1st councilor and scout master, Diving into cross fit, and Loving his weekly Hockey games.

Miles is now 3 years old and off to preschool, He spends most of his time pretending to be Kitty Miles or Crock-o-miles, loves making and eating Cookies more than anything else, obsesses over Toopy and Binoo, Takes his animal Blanket everywhere at home and lives for snuggle time with mom (but not kisses those are so gross!)

 AJ is 5! That's right he started Kindergarten, 3 long days a week (he even takes lunch!), His best friends are Harley and Rylan who he plays soccer with every recess, He will literally spend HOURS reading and writing or just practicing his letters b y copying pages out of his favorite books. He loves being a big brother and is one of the best window cleaners I know.

 Nate is a walking, running, talking, hitting, splashing, crawling, sugar loving, snuggling machine! He is 18 months old and just 18 pounds which makes him a tiny little minute but that doesn't stop him from getting into BIG trouble. He can find a marker anywhere and puts most his art work right on his own belly, he also love to dump any and all treats given to him directly in his lap and discard the bowl, WHO NEEDS THAT?!

And Me in the past year I running my first half Marathon (156.48!!) among many other races, Becoming a Zumba instructor, Treasurer of the preschool board, vice chair on AJ's parent council, and teacher in RS. I'm still baking up a storm but also learning a lot about raw eating, juicing, and the huge impact good nutrition can make to your body and health.

We have been up to A LOT! You know what I haven't really been up to? BLOGGING! New Year = New Goals and one of mine is to blog again. So I am starting teh year off right with a blog about our new years day outting, Family skating. Now please understand that I don't have skates and Miles has a cold in his eye, so we kind of....... watched from the car. But we where all there and it was TONZ of fun!

Aaron is teaching the older boys how to skate this year, AJ was actually getting along pretty good out there, especially considering it was only his second time on the ice. Nate may not look to please in there pictures but he was actually loving every minute out there! (Yes he is 18 months old and still walking around with a soother....... leave me alone! It will be gone soon, I think.;)

 Check out our sweet outdoor rink! one of the many benefits to living in the great white north.

 Hockey Love.


Last Kids Party

I know that you have all heard enough about the amazing friends we made down in Portland but I have to add just one more post. This post has nothing to do with me or the girls I came to love in Portland, this post is all about the boys.

What a wonderful experience it has been for them to grown up just 50 feet away from two of the most amazing little girls in the world. The Wagner girls are like family to us and have been since day one in Portland, I have always loved that Miles loves Erica and follows her around like a puppy, while Erika loves AJ and just can't say good-bye with out a hug or two....or three, AJ is to busy trying to win Megan's heart to give Erika the heart felt hug she is looking for, and Megan is simply Megan. Sweet to everyone and loved by all.

Then there's the Clayton boys. For a long time we had no boy friends to play with at all but Ben and Luke changed all that. Sure some days where better than others but seriously these boys where four peas in a little pod. Watching them play was always so entertaining. By the time we moved home AJ and Ben where pretty attached, so sad to break up the party!

Here we are with ALL of our wonderful little friends living it up one last time. Pictures by Michelle Cervo, thanks Chell!