Sick of Sick.

We went through a round of the flu the First week of December. It was ruff. It hit us one at a time with no brake in between, 2 days Miles, 2 Days AJ, and then Me and Nate at the same time. Blah!!!!! (Aaron is some how immune to all these little bugs that settle into our home.) Here they are celebrating "Smily face Soup" It's home made soup made with better than bullion, carrots, celery, green onions, and quinoa. We all love it and it makes us feel warm and healthy. Nate also had half a mashed up avocado with a little garlic and parsley to help with the cold, he just eats it straight up with a spoon and feels happy! It's probably his favorite food right now.

But I was happy all that flu stuff out of the way before Christmas so that we could get out there and enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately now that Christmas is over our unwelcome friend has returned. Not the flu but chest colds, runny noses, sinus infections, and swollen/Guncky eyes. Sad.  First it was just Miles with the goopy eyes, them Beckam came to sleep over and developed a fever in the night. He left the fever with Nate and we sent the Goopy eyes home with him.

Last night I was literally up all night with Tiny (That's my nick name for Nate, get use to it if your gonna be a regular here) I got home from Zumba at 9:45 and he woke up right around 10:15, at least I had time to grab a quick shower! Anyways I camped out on the couch with him all night watching Gilmore Girls and the First season of Ben heads while he dozed on my chest. What a little furnace he was! We keep our house at a cool 60 degrees which usually means moccasins and blankets are a must, but last night NOW WAY! He was sweating up a storm, poor Tiny! So he got a good amount of sleep and I got none but I did get to enjoy all his snuggles and some TV time which is rare so all in all.... not a bad night!

Also AJ came out about 1:45 coughing up a storm. He has caught the deep cough! Seriously? I have been talking like a man all week but thought that our contagiousness had passed, nice try! I sent him up to Poy and didn't hear anything else until morning. Here his is camped out on the couch for the day. (Notice Miles, I guess "photo bombing" comes natural to him)

We might not be the healthiest family on the block but at least we are all in good spirits and still having fun! He's the boys as clean and healthy looking as I could get them after Tub Time last night!

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