Decorating for christmas

I know that it was a little early but on November 11th we decorated our house for Christmas. Since me and the boys are leaving for Canada on December 11th we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to enjoy our own Christmas decorations! (that's the lame excess I gave Aaron for wanting to get it up this year, ha ha ha!)

It's so crazy that this will be AJ's third Christmas and Miles first! The time has passed so fast and it seems like each Christmas with Age just gets funner and funner. This year he understands that Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Christ. When he does something mean or against the rules he says, "That make Jesus sad Mom! I not want to make Jesus sad on his birthday." It's pretty cute.

He is also working on his Santa letter, complete with pictures cut from the flyer's of things he might like to find under the tree. Everyday he asks when we are going to see Santa and sit on his knee but I have a feeling that when the big moment comes he might not be as excited about the whole thing....we'll see.

At 5 months old Miles is just taking it all in stride. He is already 17 ponds and gaining, hope he doesn't over due it n the sweets this year!! Here are a few pictures from putting up our tree.


Special Treat

AJ loves to help out around the house right now, he actually thinks it's fun. He helps set the table, clean the bathroom, and LOVE putting the soap in the dishwasher and getting it all started. He has done it a few time while I was in the shower or something when there was only one or two disher in it, they must have been really dirty! Anyways IO give him a quarter for helping sometimes and he saves them up for our trips to Wal-mart.

If he's good while we do our shopping he can use his money for a train ride, WOOT WOOT! He dosen't always get to go, sometimes he dosen't have enough money or was n't well behaved but when he dose get to go he loves it!

Here's AJ and Becks driving the train to Canada


I fit right in!

I am not sure if I am mentioned how crazy and weird Portland is, and I am not alone in thinking that. In fact when you drive around this fine state you Will see hundreds of "Keep Portland Weird" bumper stickers. a few weeks ago Lyndz, Bex , Holly, and I went to get a sweet treat at Papa Hydens with my gift certificate from my sweetie(Normal) and down town was crazy busy with pedestrians(normal) who looked like this.... WEIRD!

Eventually we found out that it was the Zombie fest, you never know what you are going to find when you venture down town in Portland. If you want to catch the fun for yourself we always welcome visitors, lol.


Murder Mystery Party!

I have never really been that into Halloween but this year I thought I would try to get into the spirit of things by throwing a Murder Mystery party. The game I chose was set in 1961, the richest Man in the world was hosting a party for the current celebrates. It was hard to chose who to invite and what characters would be best suited for everyone but after hours of ponder I figured it out!

I worked for a few weeks to get ever thing in organized and perfect for the big night. I wanted it to be perfect so I tried to go the extra Mile, here are the clue books with every ones pictures and all the stuff you need to get the party started.
Lyndz and Bex came over to the church to help me set up in the early afternoon and then it was time to party! One of the most important parts of this game is knowing your character and sticking to it. Everyone got their profiles a week or two in advance and it went perfect. I couldn't believe how in character people really where. Here is Dr.Vigial giving his full medical/forensic results after his investigation.I was to busy hosting the party and gathering clues to take a lot of candid pictures but here's a few of the gang working hard to uncover the Murderer.

The food was so delicious, I couldn't get enough. Another fun thing I thought we could do was have Steve set up his camera in a separate room where people could go take their pictures. Steve thought it was a great idea and set the whole thing up with a remote and time, which made it so much fun. He also turned of his display so no one could see any of the pictures...UNTIL NOW! Every one has been waiting for these so I am going to post quite a few, I know all the guests are dying to see them!

Although Fred and Ginger where on the outs during the particular party they just couldn't seem to keep their hands to themselves!
Rita Hayward (the princess)and Charlie Chaplin.
It was really hard to get a great shot of all of us at the same time, but I look great in this one so SORRY LADIES! ha ha ha.Love this pictures Janice and Dr.V where so into it.Groucho finally picked up a classy lasy when he swept Twiggy off her feet!I guess I missed the memo on character face for this picture, oh well they both look so cute!
Signature Twiggy.
Oh Princess Rita!
by the end of the night Groucho was wearing a little thin.
Judy Garlin and Bob Marly, make love not war. Janice Joplin in cahoots with the authorities, that is suspicious! Marylin was with a new man every time I turned around, here we happened to catch her with Elvis. ;)
The DukeHe just wouldn't take no for an answer. I don think Lucy was complaining.The men had a harder time squezzing into the shot then the women, All I see is Bruce Lee's ear.You two again!?! I am pretty sure they ended up going home together. ;)For all you Canadians back home here's a few familiar faces for ya. Dustin should be yellow and Aaron Black but they both turned out kinda Orange!

Jimmy Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Officer Pamala, and Bruce Lee

Thanks to everyone for making this party a blast. I will be bringing the pictures on a disk around to every one in the next day or two. Oh and if you leave a comment don't reveal who the Murderer is incase we play it with another group or if someone wants to borrow it. KEEP THE MURDERER A SECRET!!!


Guess we aren't going to make it to costco!

when we go out to do our errands one of AJ's favorite things about riding in the Tolmans car is singing along to all the songs from Mama Mia. I know it sound funny but he loves it (much to his father and grandfathers dismay!) some days he gets pretty into it and other days it's more mellow, but today he was having a blast! He got a little shy in front of the camera but you get the idea.

Isn't he cute???? Well those are the moments I have to hold on to when just 15 minutes later this happened.

He was being really good so I told him he could get a new hot wheels but then when we were trying on shoes Beckem fell over and started to cry.

"He not fall Mom, I push him."
"You bumped him by accident and he fell?"
"No I not bump him I push him. I being mean!"
"Doesn't it make you sad when becks is sad?"
"No I not care."

And so I had to take the car away resulting in the video above, oh boy!



Halloween was so much fun this year! Not only did we have a Murder Mystery party for the adults (blog to come!) but we also got some great costumes for the kids, hit up a primary party, and went trick-or-treating door to door with some friend.

This year was different because AJ was old enough to understand the concept of Halloween, he was so excited to be a Cow and get some Candy! 2009 also marks Miles first Halloween, he may only be four months old but we still got him all dressed up and took him out. Cutest little Giraffe I ever did see! As always we celebrated the holiday with the Tolmans and we just couldn't get enough of our little Becks. I've never seen a Dragon enjoy a sucker quite that much!This is actually the last picture I snapped of Miles, I got the message loud and clear!

AJ was very concerned about his tail this year. He kept reaching around to make sure it was still there. It was hilarious to see him running up to a door and then stopping quick to check if his tail was still there before yelling trick-or-treat!

Here's the crew we got together, minus Miles and Jake, getting ready to hit the streets. They were all so polite at the doors saying thank-you at each house for their little treats.Here was are at the Ward party. There were so many kids there it was a little crazy but the Boys had a ton of fun. Well AJ did, Miles was just trying to stay awake! (thanks to Holly for holding Miles so I could spend a little time with Age.)

It just wouldn├Ęt be halloween without pumkin carving. After carefully picking out our pumpkins at the pumkin patch we invited the Lujans over for pizza and pumpkin carving.

I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did this year. Happy Halloween!!!