Special Treat

AJ loves to help out around the house right now, he actually thinks it's fun. He helps set the table, clean the bathroom, and LOVE putting the soap in the dishwasher and getting it all started. He has done it a few time while I was in the shower or something when there was only one or two disher in it, they must have been really dirty! Anyways IO give him a quarter for helping sometimes and he saves them up for our trips to Wal-mart.

If he's good while we do our shopping he can use his money for a train ride, WOOT WOOT! He dosen't always get to go, sometimes he dosen't have enough money or was n't well behaved but when he dose get to go he loves it!

Here's AJ and Becks driving the train to Canada

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Nicole Wagner said...

That is hilarious! I love how Becks is flopping around! haha...