The Sands of Time

I can't believe it is Thursday already, this week has melted away along with the rest of the summer. Time can be a funny thing, when you need an extra minute it's seems like you are already a minute to late and when all you want is tomorrow, today just never seems to end!
As far as time goes I am anxious for the future but resistant as always to let go of the present. I have been really busy lately since both my Jay and Josh are getting married I am working on their wedding slide shows and wedding albums. Although they are my cosines they have always seemed more like brothers to me. While my mom and Aunt Dixie we single moms they did everything together, ans so Jay and Josh are a part of most of my early childhood memories. They are great guys and I am so exited for both of them, unfortunately I will be in Portland when they get married but maybe I can find a way home. (lol, I haven't even moved yet and I'm trying to sneak home!) Any way's CONGRATULATIONS boys and Shayla and Steph make sure you look after these two! They are off on their "Bachelor Trip" in Africa, planned before they meet these lovely ladies and then it will of the plain and to the Temple! The time is going by so fast I haven't had a moment to post about their engagements, ans I know this is short but it's something. Wishing you guys all the best.
P.S. Shayla has a black eye from rugby so don't be judgers!


Fort Macleod Triathlon

This weekend was the sixth annual Fort Macleod Chiropractic Triathlon. Every year Al works his butt of with the help of his committee to pull this thing together and make it a success, and this year was better than ever. There is much to get organized that I don't know how he ever got the first one started but when Al dose something he always gets it done right. Aaron and I have been volunteering for the past three years and it's always a blast, this year there where just over 300 participants, and it only seems to be getting bigger. Usually Aaron and I are at out on the road making sure the runners keep on track but since we had to get home to AJ around 2:00 we had to take up a new post on the swim lanes. It was kid of fun because the Triathlon starts with the swim so we didn't have to spend the first 45min.s waiting to see someone, plus a lot of the participants families come to watch at them in the pool which made it kind of fun. So here we are, counting lanes and baking in the 34 degree heat.
Aaron was getting so hot I thought I should try to help him cool of with a little water on the neck, after one threat of being thrown in the pool, he started to look a lot cooler to me.
We got a little board so will we counted the laps we also made a list of 30 different encouraging sayings that we could use to keep the swimmers motivated. It's was so funny but I don't think I will post it.
And here is our Jorpo, the one and only Poytress family participant in the Triathlon this year, maybe any year for that matter. I always say I am going to do it, but some how I worm my way out of it. Maybe next year! Anyways Jordan has really picked p on his Dad's love of triathlons, he had a great swim this year and even had enough energy to pose for a quick pic. (Sorry girls he's currently not available, we'll keep ya posted!)

He had a great bike ride and finished off the day with a nice toasty 5mile run in the sun, congratulations Jordan you were defiantly a great choice to represent the family!



Zoe is the newest addition to the Family and at old 5 months old you can't really expect her to listen just yet. She loves to run around, play with the ball, and most of all try to herd AJ and Angus around the yard. AJ and Angus don't love this game quite as much, so I have been working on training Zo to be gentle with them. It took a bit for her to get the idea but now they are the best of fiends. Since Dad & Mom are in Kelowna right now I wanted to put up a few pictures to show them how good she's doing and make them a little home sick, he he. Love you guy' hope your having a great time.

and THIS is why I Love him!

Living in Stirling has been great. Spenting time with my Parents, being in the AC, snuggling in the theater room. However there is one thing we could do without, the FLY'S. We have a tendencey to stand in the doorway and visit thus letting in all the fly's, a problem my parents didn't have until we arrived. Today after work Aaron could stand it no longer, we may have forgoten to buy a fly swater again, but that wasn't going to stop him this time! 10 minutes later..... Just look what you can do with a hanger, an old pizza box, duct tape, and a pair of plyers. Pretty Impressive, NO?
Here's his first kill. After killing 5 he finally agreed to sit down to dinner.
He's Handsom, Determined, and creative, which makes me love him all the more.


reality check

This Past weekend we made our last road trip up to Edmonton before we leave for Portland. Thursday after work our little family, along with Dusting and Lyndsey packed up the blazer and made our way a little farther north. It was a quick trip but fully loaded and well worth the long drive (lol, I guess the ride to Edmonton is nothing compared to Portland!) We spent the weekend shopping, golfing, eating, playing games, spray parking it, and relaxing. I don't know if any of yo have ever played "Dice" where you roll six dice and try to get 5's, 1's, and triples?? but it is SO fun and I am more than willing to play with anyone, anytime! Dad and Cindy are just about finished the landscaping in their yard, it has been a lot longer than they were expecting but the results are beautiful. The back is all done and we spent every night enjoying it. We had a weenie roast in the pit and some delicious hickory smoked ribs on dads new outdoor grill. It's quite the setup! Although I will be back in Edmonton in early October, I won't see much of Dad and Cindy as they will be off on their 15 year anniversary get away and I will be babysitting Alaina. This trip was a bit of an eye opener for me.

Today is the 11th of AUGUST, that's right just 39 days till we say good-bye to Canada for the next 4 years. I have been so busy packing, planning, and organizing that I haven't really had time to take a step back and realize that this "Portland life" is all about to become a reality. We have taken our last trip to Edmonton, Said our good-bys to the House, and now we are living with my parents which is a constant reminder that our stay here is temporary. I feel very bless that Aaron is pursuing Chiropractics, and that he will be attending a school relatively close to home. Everything along the way had fallen into place and I know that this is the right choice for our family. BUT... I am a tiny bit sad to see our comfortable little life here in southern Alberta slipping through our fingers into the past. I am starting to realizes just how amazing things have been since we got married and wondering how I will ever find my groove in Portland. We will miss all our wonderful friends, the parties and play dates, Sunday dinners with our close knit families, Drop in visited from Grandpa, and Lunch's with Mom. Our wonderful ward, Wednesday night Hockey, and of course MY Safeway (the only grocery store I have ever liked.) I know that this realization should have come long ago but as the days fly by I almost missed that fact that this is for realz!


Zoo Trip!

For the August long weekend we thought it might be fun to head up to the Calgary Zoo. We got up early so we could be ready and out the door by 7:30 (8:00 Mormon Standard Time!) AJ was a trooper all the way up, it was Aaron we had a little trouble with! After 2 and a half hours on the highway and 30 minutes in traffic we arrived! It was really exiting because this was Lyndsey and AJ's first time at the Zoo! (I know that Lyndsey is far to old to be having her first Zoo visit but it is something you will have to discuss with her Mom!) Anyways we wandered the Zoo for 3 hours be for we finally stopped for lunch, where we got our one and only Group shoot, SMILE! After another 3 hours of exploring the park it was time to get back in the car, which are feet were very grateful for! It was a lot of walking but so worth it. We saw the cutest little baby Giraffe and a teenage one that was running all over, hilarious they are so tall and awkward. The Hippos are my favorite animal in the world and of course I was not disappointed. Every time I see them I just fall more in love, they are just so dang cute. There was a baby Elephant, lots of birds to AJ's delight, new little gorilla (who's mother was dragging it around by it's leg! good thing we don't treat our babies like that, it's probably why they can't figure out the whole speech this, to many bums on the head as babies.) Anyways we had a great time, it was so nice that we could go with some of our family. I've added a few of my favorite pictures, and then a little slide show of the animals. here's AJ giving us his grow up face, I guess he wasn't impressed that we made him get back in the stroller.
After seeing this statue, I believe it is the East Indian God of Fertility but I could be Way of, we just new that we had to get a picture. What do ou think, did we pull of the pose?
It was a long day especially for our little boy, we tried putting him down in the stroller but this was about the extent of his nap. When its 30 degrees out you've got to give a big pat on the back to everyone who took a turn carrying him and his blanket!Although I have Lot's of really cute pictures of Dust and Lyndz I have chosen to post this one, displaying Dustin's first attempt at almost every picture. By the second click he gets serious but Lyndsey must have to delete alot of silly photos when they ae done their tips. That Silly thing dose NOT run in the family