and THIS is why I Love him!

Living in Stirling has been great. Spenting time with my Parents, being in the AC, snuggling in the theater room. However there is one thing we could do without, the FLY'S. We have a tendencey to stand in the doorway and visit thus letting in all the fly's, a problem my parents didn't have until we arrived. Today after work Aaron could stand it no longer, we may have forgoten to buy a fly swater again, but that wasn't going to stop him this time! 10 minutes later..... Just look what you can do with a hanger, an old pizza box, duct tape, and a pair of plyers. Pretty Impressive, NO?
Here's his first kill. After killing 5 he finally agreed to sit down to dinner.
He's Handsom, Determined, and creative, which makes me love him all the more.

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