Decorating for chirstmas

This year we decided not to set up all are Christmas decorations as we are moving home right in the middle of December but I couldn't just do nothing! So we decided to set up the Tree and let the boys decorate it, I mean it is Naters first Christmas after all!

First Dad put up the tree and got the lights on.....

and then it was time for our jammies! I know that a lot of families have the tradition of getting new Christmas jammies on Christmas eve but I have been toying with the idea of getting new jammies on decoration night. Like a little early Christmas and then you get to wear the jammies all through the Christmas season. We gave it a try and I think I am sold!

 It would really feel complete, to me, without a batch of Grandma Gerry's famous shortbread kiss cookies! I love these cookies and I always think of my dear Grandma and her love of Christmas when I make them. She was such a loving and caring woman, I learned so much from her and pray that she is proud of me and the mother I have become.

 Miles was dying to dive right in and sample each kiss for me, lol.

Nate had his eye on the big one in the middle! Yummie!

And then we decorated by the Fire.....

 and had our cookies, Perfect night!
 Just one more please Mom???


This is Nate

So remember back in July I posted about a new little family addition, Nate!?! Well since then you may have been thinking...Did Lacey have another baby? Why don't I ever see or hear much about him? Well here's your update people!

 He sleeps on his tummy and sleeps ALL the time! He has great naps and still nurses every 4 hours 24 hours a day. so even midnight and 4AM. we have done no sleep training because we have a teeny house with no place for a crib therefor he sleeps on the ottoman by our bed. We love it and since he eats like 6 ounces in 7 minutes nursing him is no big deal.

 Nate loves to chew on his daddys nose, and is now teething. he is so drooly and trys to put everything in his mouth. Isn't he so cute!


Another Murder in our hood!

Of course I had my annual murder mystery this year. It is always a lot of work but totally worth it and so much fun! This year was Murder under the big top. Thanks to Steve for setting up the photo booth.