We started off the Halloween season with a little sugar cookie making and then out to "BOO" some of our friends and neighours. You "BOO" people by leaving cookies and a note that says, "you have been Boo-ed please put this note on your door so you don't get Boo-ed again. Make sure you Boo at least two other people before Halloween!" THE KIDS LOVE THIS!

Next up was our yearly ward trunk or treat, they do it no matter what day of the week Halloween falls on and this year was no exception. On Saturday we dressed the boys up, decorated the trunk, and went over to the church. This year Nate was the Monkey, Miles was the Cow, and AJ was Jake from Jake and the never land pirates. They looked so cute!

Nate and Clair-bear or bug I guess in this case. They are so cute, they love hanging out and holding hands!

Then it was out to HIllsbouro for Halloween dinner and some REAL trick-or-treating. AWSOME! Holly's sister goes all out for dinner and it was so much fun to be out there with them, plus the food was delicious!!!!

 AJ was a little sick, but he didn't let that stop him form staying up WAY to late and having fun!

 They boys were all done after about 30 minutes but they hardly had any candy! I made them stay out for just under two hours even though AJ was like, "I want to go home, my legs can even work anymore! Mom I am just so mad right now that you are making us keep knocking, I DON'T EVEN LIKE CANDY ANYMORE!" lol, what a mean Mom! lol, oh well!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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