First Snow of the season

Today the real snow finally made it to Portland. Megan just couldn't stay inside and before we new it all three kids were out on the deck enjoying the falling snow. I have never seen these kids so happy, they didn't even notice the cold.After they got over the fun of just stomping around in the snow Megan decided to teach AJ how to catch snow flakes on his tongue. At first he just stared at her but pretty soon they were both catching as many flaks on their tongue as possible!

Here is AJ telling me for the 4 hundredth time that it's snowingMegan like the taste of the snow flakes so much that she decided to just go ahead and eat the snow right of the railing.A True Canadian


BAH HA HA!!!!!!!

This morning we woke up to the most beautiful sight, SNOW!!!!! Grant it we only got a little but but I guess here in Portland this is considered a lot because after 20 minutes of church the bishop got up to announce that church was canceled. HA HA HA, I couldn't belive it check out the pictures and see what ya think.


Baby slings, Who need's em'?

When I was pregnant with AJ I thought baby slings where the greatest things in the whole world. In fact I insisted on getting one, but then I hardly ever used it. At only a few months old he was sick of it. Anyways Aaron came up a solution and here it is....


Welcome Baby Beckam!

Yesterday Dust & Lyndz packed their bags and made their way to the hospital for the second day in a row. She was suppose to be induced on Tuesday but there was "no room at the inn' and so they were sent home. However yesterday was a little slower and so at 5:20pm they induced her. A with all labour stories, there are a great many fun little details, however that is not my story to tell and so I will leave it to Lyndz. It took a while but once things got started it only took here 2 1/2 hours to dilate and after 1 hour of pushing their beautiful baby boy arrived (3:08am).

He weighed in at 6 pound 1 ounce 20 inches and was having a bit of a hard time getting enough air. They sent him to the NICU to monitor him ans give him the extra oxygen he needed. I know they don't really show how overwhelmingly cute he is but here are a few pictures from his first night.
After 7 hours apart Dust and Lyndz were more than ready to have their little boy safe and sound in the room with them. The spent the morning showing him of to friends and family and getting to know him so they could chose a fitting name. So here he is,



Ginger Bread Houses!

This mornig was the official Ginger Bread House making morning. There were 5 moms and 8 kids and one BIG MESS, but isn't that what it's all about!? First we got all the yummy goodies out and made the iceing, Megan just couldn't wait to get started!

I knew that AJ wouldn't really get the consept but I just couldn't make him understand that these cookies were not for eating. Everytime I would get a wall in place e would try to take it and eat it. Now I know hoe Aaron felt when the Lethbridge wind knocked a whole day worth of walls over. (I guess it's not EXACTLY the same!) We were a little short on grame crackers but that didn't stop Adler, he was to hungry to leave them alone. (Him and all the other kids!)
Here's the wagners house in progress, we had a few scares with the walls holding up but Nicole wasn't letting all their hard work go to waste.
Alright some of my pictures didn't work so youwon't see any of Alysha but here is the only picture that worked with little Breanna in it. She is the cute little blonde in front with her back to the camera. Sorry Alysha!
AJ was being a great help but then I had to get down to the real work so he went off to do.... well you'll see!
while I was distracted AJ was doing all he could to get every M&M on the table in his mouth.
And this is what happens, you get a hystarical child laughing for absoulutly no reason until he had tears running down his face.

Megan was so proud of all her hard work!


WSCC Christmas Gala

This post is loaded with pictures but none of them are of AJ sorry to all you grandparents out there!

Being our first year down here in Portland we weren't really sure what to expect when we decided to buy tickets to the annual WSCC Christmas Gala. We new 5 other couples that would be attending and thought what the heck, it could be our December date night! The ticket was $30.00 for the two of us and boy was it worth it! I forgot my camera and so I don't have any pictures of the food but it was AMAZING. They had a fantastic buffet with 3 salads, veggies, mash potato's, rice pilaf, fettuccine Alfredo, a Salmon dish and..... PRIME RIB. For those of you who are not aware I am a Prime Rib fanatic, I just can't seem to get enough of the stuff. They just kept binging out fresh cuts of juicy prime rib to the carving station and we were in heaven. The dessert table was just as extravagant but I can bake sweets, I used all my room for the main course!
Jordan & Tasha.
The Poy's
James & Kami
Amy & Jeff
Steve & Nicole
The invitation just said Christmas dress so we went formal, which is a good thing because everyone there was done to the 9's!
Ladies and Gentlemen
Can you tell that Nicole armed most of the girls in false lashes?
And here they are the only guys with modest dates in the whole place, he he he.
Nicole wanted a picture of me kissing Aaron on the chick since I do it all the time, but when I leaned in for the kiss he pulled back and was like, "what are you doing?!?" I just started laughing and this is the picture she ended up with.
We spent the evening visiting, meeting teachers and class mates and of course dancing. I know many of you may not peg Aaron for a dancer in facet I my self was a bit surprised when he asked me to dance, but the prof is in the pictures. I haven't danced in so long I felt a little embarrassed to be out the but Aaron was instant that we dance at least a few songs.
Kami and James showing off their sweet skills!
There really was no need to worry about what others thought of our dancing, most of them were to drunk to notice!

All in all it was a great night and we will defiantly be attending next year! Oh yeah I wanted to say a great big thanks to Nicole for bringing her camera, otherwise we'd have no photos!


Seeing Santa

Saturday was the ward Primary Christmas party. I now that AJ is still in nursery (if you consider going for to minutes every week and then breaking into tears to be "in nursery") but they invited all the kids in the ward to come. They started out by making a special gift and wrapping it with home made paper and cards. It was really cute to see AJ with all the big kids trying to do everything just like them!

He may like acting like the big kids but when AJ gets in a social situation he prefers to watch the action from the side lines. Weather we are at a church activity, the indoor park, or the pool he just likes to be on his own even when the other kids try and get him to play. He's not grumpy and he runs and plays in his own little area, content to be on his own.
.So here we are seeing Santa. His bum didn't even make contact with Santa's knee be for he started freaking out! He grabbed my neck at then when I had backed away a bit he turned to Santa and said, "Candy please." LOL, it was hilarious but he got the treats and I say by the look on his face it was all worth it! Maybe next year he will actually ask for a Christmas gift.>