Seeing Santa

Saturday was the ward Primary Christmas party. I now that AJ is still in nursery (if you consider going for to minutes every week and then breaking into tears to be "in nursery") but they invited all the kids in the ward to come. They started out by making a special gift and wrapping it with home made paper and cards. It was really cute to see AJ with all the big kids trying to do everything just like them!

He may like acting like the big kids but when AJ gets in a social situation he prefers to watch the action from the side lines. Weather we are at a church activity, the indoor park, or the pool he just likes to be on his own even when the other kids try and get him to play. He's not grumpy and he runs and plays in his own little area, content to be on his own.
.So here we are seeing Santa. His bum didn't even make contact with Santa's knee be for he started freaking out! He grabbed my neck at then when I had backed away a bit he turned to Santa and said, "Candy please." LOL, it was hilarious but he got the treats and I say by the look on his face it was all worth it! Maybe next year he will actually ask for a Christmas gift.>


lynz said...

love it! i can't wait to see you guys, and i especially love the pic of aj sitting in the corner by himself :) haha

Levi said...

Haha. Word Lyndz. I have to agree that the pic of AJ in the corner is the best of AJ. That or the one where he looks so ticked off because you left him in the stroller at the zoo.

Nicole Wagner said...

Why am I not surprised that Megan is pulling on him to get him up to play? lol....she loves him a little "too much" sometimes. I wish I could have gone.....send me the pic of Meg with Santa!!!

Lorraine said...

Love the pictures of AJ - he is looking so grown-up doing all of the activities at the party. He is so cute sitting in the corner. I'm so glad to hear that you have good friends and a good ward.