Welcome Baby Beckam!

Yesterday Dust & Lyndz packed their bags and made their way to the hospital for the second day in a row. She was suppose to be induced on Tuesday but there was "no room at the inn' and so they were sent home. However yesterday was a little slower and so at 5:20pm they induced her. A with all labour stories, there are a great many fun little details, however that is not my story to tell and so I will leave it to Lyndz. It took a while but once things got started it only took here 2 1/2 hours to dilate and after 1 hour of pushing their beautiful baby boy arrived (3:08am).

He weighed in at 6 pound 1 ounce 20 inches and was having a bit of a hard time getting enough air. They sent him to the NICU to monitor him ans give him the extra oxygen he needed. I know they don't really show how overwhelmingly cute he is but here are a few pictures from his first night.
After 7 hours apart Dust and Lyndz were more than ready to have their little boy safe and sound in the room with them. The spent the morning showing him of to friends and family and getting to know him so they could chose a fitting name. So here he is,



Caylee Secretan Photography said...

Awwwww! Good job Lacey keepin us updated - Lyndsey probably isn't updating her blog today, so thanks! What a cutie patootie. ;)

Kels said...

i'm totally bawling... thanks for posting. i have been thinking of them constantly since tuesday. he is sooo beyond perfect, i need to hold him right now. seriously. i love him. i bet you are just dying to get up there!!! ahhhhhhhh..... new babies are the best. and i love the red fuzz!!! hehehe...
i'm so glad he didn't have to stay in the nicu. that is the worst. YAY!!!!!!!!

lorraine said...

What an adorable little baby - he is so precious. Congratulations to the proud parents and grandparents. How fun that you will be the closest auntie to him in a few short weeks. You will be the best auntie ever!