Friends....Kind of.

Since moving to Portland we have made some really great including the Wagners. AJ and I see the Wagner girls almost everyday and we have really come to enjoy the time we spend together. Although AJ and Megan we immediately friends it took a little longer for him to warm up to Erika. Erika is one of the happiest little girls you will ever meet, she loves to smile and get involved with the older kids even though she just turned 1. It use to be hard for her to keep up but now that she has mastered walking she is constantly in the thick of things. Since Erika is not only taller but also heavier then AJ he was less impressed when she learned to walk around and reclaim the toys he would take from her. He usually spends the first 15-20 minutes hiding from Erika, and then he remembers just how fun she can be. It may take them a little time to get back into the swing of things each day but they get along great once they start playing.
About two weeks ago Nicole and I were looking through some of my Christmas movies seeing which one we should watch to start the season out when I looked over and saw this.....
HA HA HA, Erika is not big into giving kisses, she always turns her check when he parents give he smooches but for AJ it's face forward! It was hilarious and so lucky that I had my camera handy. Watch out Ladies we got a heart breaker on our hands!


Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh...those are SO funny!!! I love their "relationship"...it's pretty cute.
love you guys!

Caylee Secretan Photography said...

That is so cute!! Glad to see he's making some "friends"! Too funny.

Joshua and Joy said...

I didn't know you have a blog. AJ is such a cutie. Him and Erika kissing is just precious.

Alan said...

Hi Guys,
Just to let you know I do actually read your blog.