Two years old!

Are you kidding me? My baby is already two years old? That went way to fast! It feel's like we were just debating weather to call him Miles or Luke and now all of the sudding he's our two year old little smiles! Love you little man.

This year for Miles birthday Dad was up in Canada writing his Canadian board exams, so we celebrated with a little french toast breakfast (thank-you Lujans!), some time at the park, and French dips. Burgers are by far Miles favorite food, he loves to yell out, "BURGER!" everytime we pass a burger joint while driving and he asks for them everytime I ask if he's hungry! His favorite burger is the value roast beef from aurbys so we decided on beef dips for his birthday and Burgers for his birthday.

Once Aaron was back we had the Lujans over for cake and Presents. It was so fun to see Miles opening his presents this year, he gets the concept now and was really excited to see what was in each new package.

Everytime we go to the the Disney store Miles makes a B-line for the plush toys. He can't get his hand on a "Bolt" plush fast enough. I don't know what it is about that Dog but he loves him, in fact everytime we leave teh store Miles is in tears because Bolt has to stay with thte other toys, but not anymore!!!Best friends!MMMMMMM.......Cake!!!!

To finish off this birthday week we had some friends over to make a big old mess and celebrate Miles style! First off Panckes:

Miles was so surprised when his friends started showing up.Next up, Dance party!WHAT? Your kids don't break dance???

And jsut in case the pancakes and syrup didn't sugar everyone up enough we needed a little more....

After a little fish for more TREATS we sent everyone home with a sugar high and enough goodies in their bags to keep that sugar high all day long! Thanks for coming everyone!

Becoming Friends

My boys are 26 months apart, which can seem like a lot when they are young but now that they are 4 and 2 the difference doesn't seem that big. They are into some of the same things and actually like to play together now. I love watching them play in their room together building train tracks, racing cars, jumping on the beds (yes I am a mother who lets them jump on the bed,) running to the pool....or playing together at the Park. These where taken on Miles Birthday, the 12th, while they played together just the two of them. SO CUTE!

I know that I am a total nerd but I hate when all the kids are running and Miles is so far behind, it just breaks my heart. Same with AJ. I just hate seeing them get left behind, I am going to be that Mom that has to leave the gym every time my kids end up taking a foul shot, ha ha ha. I almost didn't post this first pictures 'cuz it makes me sad, lol.

The boys spent a good 20 - 30 minutes running up the park and sliding down together. They were having the best time and I was able to get a few cute pictures, love these little boys so much!


Book of Mormon Boy

For any of you who don't know the Jaredites are a people written of in the Book of Mormon, principally in the Book of Ether. In the Book of Mormon, the people fled across the Ocean via boats and established an ancient civilization in the Americas. These boats where completely enclosed which happens to be AJ's favorite fact in the story. He loves the pictures of the boats floating in the ocean with the people hidden inside.

So the other day when our friends returned our luggage after their fantastic trip to Maui, AJ decided that this was the perfect opportunity to play: JAREDITES! He placed a few treats under his pillow with his water bottle to get him through the journey and then strapped in for the trip. HAVE A GREAT TRIP! Ha ha ha.


His first year of school!

You may remember my dilemma last September about whether or not I should send AJ to the head start program. I thought it would be great for him to have a little pre-school experience but with head start it's a pretty big commitment. The classes are Tuesday to Friday boarding the bus every morning at 8:20 and arriving back home at 12:50, which for a three year old is a long time!

At first he didn't like getting up and having to leave but as time went by he started to love it more and more. Until the last 3 months, he was sad to get on the bus each day and say good-bye but once he was at school he was happier than a pig in mud. He loves his teacher and most of his class mates, especially cute little Emma. I guess they are inseparable at school!

They eat Breakfast and Lunch which is how AJ is covered that one of his new favorite meals is tuna casserole, SICK! Noodles, cream of chicken soup, and tuna. He has asked if I can make it but I keep saying I don't know how because I just can't do it especially pregnant. He always tells me how much he like story time and playing outside, which they do EVERYDAY, even in the rain.

Here's our little man on his first day off school and our unplanned family picture that hung on the wall in their class room all year! Maybe we should have spruced up a bit???? ha ha ha.

Every two months his teacher would come over for an at home to talk about how he is doing. He is starting to read already, can spell at least 10 words, plays well with others, is always polite, and most importantly he was the only one in the whole class who can hit a baseball while being pitched to and run the correct direction around the bases, OH YEAH! lol, I'm really proud of him and all that he has accomplished this year, he is seriously growing up way to fast!

Here we are at the school on his last day with one of his best friends tacwan, and one with Miles

He made me that sweet pasta necklace and received a cute little certificate. I just love him so much and feel so blessed to be his Mom, congratulations on a great school year Age!.
Class picture 2010/2011