My Grandma Fairbanks worked at the bishop store house for over twenty years and every year the church head quarters sends out a thank-you/Christmas gift to all it's workers. Grandma received many great books over the years and I think after 15 years of service she received a beautiful set of calf skin scriptures with a typed letter from the first presidency thanking her for her service in the store house and then it was signed by president Hinkly and his two councilors. Way cool! When I went into seminary I didn't have a great set of scriptures and so Grandma decided to pass these scriptures on to me, what a treasure.

I have had them since I was 16 and absolutely love these scriptures. In high school I always carried them in my back pack, the lived with me in Edmonton when I first moved out on my own, they are the scriptures I studied when I was deciding if Aaron was the one for me, the pages I poured over as we started our marriage, helped me with talks, read from in lessons, and so on and so on! To me they are very special, priceless, to Miles however........well he doesn't seem to view them in the same light as me.

Miles loves books. He loves to read and be read too, he especially loves to take whatever book I am reading and pretend that he is reading it. He can fake read my books for 20-30 minutes, IT'S GREAT! He has only torn one of my books and he quickly learned that that is huge NO NO!!!! Since then I haven't really worried about him with my books BIG MISTAKE!

While doing laundry on my bed I had to run to pee, hello pregnant, and while I was gone Miles got my scriptures off the dresser and......
My heart was broken, so sad.


lynz said...

that last picture is one of the saddest i have ever seen! such a cute little stinker!

We Are Anderson said...

I got my scriptures mended once cause I had a bunch of pages fall out. Maybe if all the pages are still in one piece you could track down someone that repairs books! So sad.

Linds said...

Oh no!!!:( :( :(