New family Pets!

Spring has brought us so many wonderful things but I think one of our favorite new additions is all of our new family pets.....THE ANTS!!!!

My boys love to lay out on the grass and watch all the busy little ants. They sit quietly for hours, wispering about what each ant is doing and pointing out new ant they see to eachother. They pick them up and take turnes trying to get them to eat teeny tiny peices of bread. It's a great time to get a little sun tanning or reading while my boys bond with eachother and their new best friends, the ants.


Leinani said...

How positively adorable!! Only you, Lacey, would see ants as a pet rather than as pests.

Linds said...

Ok, LOOOOVE that!! Too dang cute!

Daya said...

I love these pictures!! They are so cute!!