Peterson's in town

As usually my parents came down for Easter weekend this year. It fell right at the end of April which was a little weird but we are happy to have them come down ANYTIME! Aaron was pretty busy with school, and a golf tournament so it was just me and the boys left to entertain the Grandparents. We decided to hit up the Zoo, since the boys have been dying to go and I could avoid doing this:Pushing the stroller! ha ha ha, the more pregnant I get the less like pushing I fell but I guess it helps keep the weight off right??? Anyways it was actually a beautiful day for us to wander the Zoo and then hit up PINE STATE BISCUIT. I'm sure remember the post about our family trip there a few months back and the heart attack on a plate that Aaron devoured, well it defiantly caught my Dads eye so off we went! It's a tiny little hole in the Wall but we were able to get a table and snuggle up to enjoy our lunch.
I forget what this is called but it's what Mom ordered. It looked really good but it had a 5 seed mustard and a whole slather of pickles (two things Mom is not a big fan of) so she just at the chicken and scraped everything else of the biscuit to enjoy it plain. You may be curious as to why she order this sandwich if she hates pickles and mustard.....she chalks it up to "line panic!" to many people behind her not enough time to really peruse the menu. LOL, Oh Mom!Here's Dad enjoying his heart attack on a plate, YOU GO DAD!Sunday was Easter and Aaron and I both spoke in church, which was kind of fun to have Mom and Dad there for, and then it was home for a big Easter dinner! It was so delicious I could have eaten it all by myself. We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa we only wish they could have stayed longer!!!!!

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lynz said...

favorite part of the visit......your mom ordered a biscuit she knew she wouldn't like at all! haha it looks good though!