Baby Bree.

I can't remember if I blogged about my Aunt Lana, but she and I were pregnant at the same time and ended up having the same due date! Crazy eh?! Anyways she had a beautiful baby girl on June 20th named Bree Marcel Johnson. She is gorgeous and I just couldn't wait to get up there and get a few pictures of her and Miles. Unfortunately Miles was not in the mood for a photo shoot so we didn't get to many of them together but Bree was a real trooper!

After getting all these shots Bree was pretty done with the whole situation and Miles was just gearing up to go. I know these aren't great but it was the best we could do with such little time and Two babies on opposite schedules!


Fort MacLeod Triathlon

This year was the 7th annual Fort Macleod Triathlon. Don’t go getting any funny ideas, I was not (nor have I ever been) a participant in the triathlon, but this was my 3rd year volunteering.

My Father-in-Law loves training for and taking part in any triathlon he can find, the problem is the majority of them run on Sundays. So 7 years ago he decided that he would organize his own triathlon right in Fort Macleod on a Saturday. He, however, is not alone in his love of Triathlons and after only 2 years realized that when you are the one running the show you can not be running in the event! For any of you who don't know a triathlon consists of...



and Running

Year after year Al and Lorraine spend countless hours planning, organizing, setting up, and taking down the Triathlon. It is a major undertaking but every year has been extremely successful and the numbers just keep getting bigger and bigger. Although we might not be ready to take part in the Triathlon, Aaron and I have always made it a priority to get out each year and volunteer along the course.

We have been sign holders, direction givers, pylon placers, lap counters, people markers, and sandwich passer outers. One day a year, from the crack of dawn until we are told to leave, we are at Al’s beck-and-call, so to speak. This year Aaron was unable to make it home and AJ was a little to much for me to handle while volunteering but Miles and I were up and out the door by 8:15 to get in on all the action.

After a fairly miserable week it was suppose to be scattered clouds and +10 degrees, which is pretty perfect weather for this particular event. Unfortunately the clouds decided to settle right over Fort McLeod making it cold and rainy all morning. Oh well!!! The racers where still out and ready to go with smiles on their faces as well as the, slightly more bundled up, volunteers.

Since everyone is pretty busy with their various jobs I decided that I would take it upon myself to photograph the event and help out anywhere I could. I was especially excited about the race this year since my Dad, Steele, has been training for the past year to do his first ever Olympic length Triathlon. The Olympic consits of 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, and a 10km Run! All I can say is OUCH! When I think of my Dad I think of many thinks but, no offence, one of them is not fitness. When he first told me he had signed up for the Olympic triathlon I though, "Yeah right!" but he put his mind to it and spent the last year working his butt off (quite literally) to reach his goal. I know it was not an easy raod but he never gave up and in the end it all payed off.

Congrats Dad! I am so proud of you for achiving this goal and makinhg such heathly life style changes.

Another exciting twist this year was Chelsie, Jared, and Anthony decided that they would challenge Jorpo (a triathlon veteran) to a race in the sprint category. Talk about ambitious!

Chelsie was first up in the pool.

How can she not give it her all with such a cute cheering section, that's right Jeff we're talkin' about you!

But Jorpo wasn't far behind!

Here they are looking neck-in-neck! In reality Chelsie was already a lap up!

A flawless switch gets Jared out on the course a good 3 minutes befor Jorpo hits the transition.

But Jorpo wasn't discouraged, honestly I don't know how anyone could feel down it that hat!

On to the run! Jared arrived with Jorpo hot on his heels. Jorpo made up sometime on the bike but could he catch Anthony!?!

In the end Anthony came in about a minute before Jorpo but it all comes down to the overall time, since Jorpo had to do all his own tansitions. And the winner is......

Team JAC! They came in with an overall time of 1:09:58.4 Congrats!!! Jordan's overall time was 1:12:24.5, just 3:26.9 behind his competitors. And he did all three legs of the race himself!!! Good work Jorpo, you almost had them.

Workin' hard or hardly workin'?

Although we are up here in Canada on vacation not everyone can be so lucky. We have been kickin' back and relaxing whole our families continue to slave away at their jobs, and Grandpa Zoe is no exception. Since AJ can hardly stand to be away from him while we are home, he to has been punching the time clock night and day.

Here they are working on an new wall unit for the TV.

And here they are working on the front deck, pillars, and steps. As you can see AJ is still working out how to use his measuring tape.


Summer nights

I have so much to catch up on and I haven't had much luck getting the pictures of the camera but I finally managed, so here come the posts!!!! We have been busy, busy, busy, since we came to Canada but we are also finding time to kick back and relax!

I wish I had a few pictures of the night we got here but I wasn't awake enough to remember my camera! We came home had a nap and the went straight over to Grandma Sandra's to see Aunt Marla and here family who were up from Texas. It was our first night in town and their last so we didn't get to see a lot of each other but at least our paths crossed! Of course I wasn't very quick with the camera but I spent a morning at Lana's this week snapping a few shot's of Miles and Bree, born just 8 days apart.

On Wednesday we had a Fairbanks family BBQ. Not everyone was able to make it but we had a pretty good turn out. Everyone seemed to approve our our new little man and he didn't disappoint with all his cute little smiles. Mom and Dad put together a great meal and we all had a blast watching the kids play and catching up. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Of course half way through the evening he got hungry and came back looking like this......
Just as cute as ever I say! Miles and Cru were born one week apart. they are 2nd cousins and look nothing alike, lol. I do see one similarity, the are both going to be HEART BRAKERS!!!! Aren't they so handsome?
One of AJ's favorite parts about being at Grandma & Grandpa Peterson's house is playing with the dogs, Angus and Zoe. Angus is a 3 year old little Yorkie who spends most of his day hiding from AJ and seeking attention from anyone else willing to give it. Zoe on the other hand is a 10 month old Boarder collie full of energy and eager to play with anyone who has the time.
Here we are Sunday night out on the deck with AJ, Miles, and both puppies. It was a beautiful night to sit and relax but Zoe had other plans! Here she is attacking the boys after getting all slobbery in her water bowl, lol, perfect timing on the picture!Photobucket
We had a great time sitting out on the deck. Unlike Portland it actually cools off here in the evenings so you want to go outside.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
And even when there's no time to take the Dogs out for a walk Grandpas a good sport and let's AJ take HIM for a walk, ha ha.PhotobucketPhotobucket