Open Swim

It's happened the pool is finally opened for the summer! We have been swimming in the hot tub for the past few weeks just to fill our swimming needs but not anymore! We actually thought the pool was open for the long weekend since the chairs were out and the signs where up but it was FREZZIN'! I guess the heat wasn't on yet so it ended up being one more day in the hot tub.

However the heat is on and the sun is out and we are so excited! We will be spending as much time as possible at the pool over the next few weeks, since I can't swim for a but after having the baby. I guess it will be up to the Grandparents to come take AJ to the pool! *wink wink*

Anyways it was a perfect pool day and one of the best parts was having Steve there. I never want to bring my camera down since I can't leave AJ in the pool alone therefor I never get any shots. Well today Steve was in photographer mode, he snapped so really cute shots of everyone at the pool! I forgot how nice it can be to have someone else capturing the moment while you just enjoy living it, THANKS STEVE! We love these pictures.


Long Weekend mini-"hike"

So I am not really suppose to be hiking and Aaron was in no mood to deliver a baby in the middle of the woods so we decided to go with the Tolman's on a Mini-hike. This is about a 120 foot incline over .2 miles so yeah, more of a walk! But it was beautiful and gave me a chance to play around with the camera a bit. Enjoy the photos!


Age and Dad at the Park

AJ looks forward to Aaron's arrival every day. He spends about 15 minutes running from the living room to the door to check if he can see Dad yet. Usually we have dinner right away and then the boys spend an hour playing off all their energy.

With the beautiful weather finally here the boys are spending more and more time at the park across the street. They are always gone longer than they mean to be and AJ usually tells me to stay home. (I think I am to slow and interrupt their fun!) Friday night I decided to take the camera over and get a few pictures. I'm no photographer but I got a few cute shots and wanted to post some for our family back home.

A few weeks ago AJ found a bug over at Lyndsey's house and ever since then he's been very OCD about them. He will crawl around on the floor looking for anything that looks like it might be a bug and then come get one of us to kill it. He will even run over and bring us a tissue to scoop it up in. This happends ALL DAY LONG which may make you wonder why we have so many bugs running around our houses. Don't worry our apartments are clean, about 98% the "bug's" are nothing more than lint, a small pice of paper, old string, etc. but he still freaks out. We want to help him get over this fear, so here is AJ holding his first Ant.

AJ loves learning about new animals and going to the Zoo to see them all. As soon as he got up in this tree he started making Monkey sounds and acting like a little monkey, it was too cute. Don't worrie Grandpma's Aaron was always close by in case of an accident!

Playing on the stairs.

Showing off his muscles as we head home.


Jamison Park

This week has been beautiful! Since the forcast for monday was high 20's we decided it was time to for a little out door adventure. I called Nicole to see if she had any ideas and she introduced us to this amasing little Park in the Pearl district. It's called Jamison Square and it isperfect for all the kids that we hang out with! I think we will be spending a lot of time there this summer, in fact we went back there this morning!

Here's our little man with his new summer hair cut. He calls it his, "handsome hair" and we love it!

The water was so nice we decided to get right in. I got in the water to jump with AJ but I am getting to slow in my 8th month of pregnanceyto keep up with him. Soon I was back on the blanket and he was off exploring.

We had quite a few friend turn out to play and only a few cameras so I ended up with a lot of really cute shots of our friends and I thought I would post a few. We basically hang out with the hottest families around, as you can see!

The kids ran their little butts off! I couldn't belive how much they all loved it. Usually they get cold or tuckered out but the weather was perfect and the water was nice and warm. The pool empties 2 times an hour and then the waterfall comes on and sills it all up again. AJ loved crawling and playing on the rocks, well he did......

Until the water came back and scared the crap out of him!

Jamison Square is also the location of AJ's first offical "Knee scrap" He was running out to the water and fell righ on the bricks! It was so sad. Luckily Aunt Lydz was there to help him feel better. (Since Mom was stuck behind the camera! I did give him some love befor snapping these shots.)

It didn't take long for us to get back out in the water. His knee was sore but Erika's new game, AKA Nicole's morning work out, looked to fun for AJ not to try so off we went!

Even Becks, at 5 months old was loving the summer sun and the warm water. I couldn't stop snapping pictures of him and his Mom out in the water. Every day he gets a little cuter if you can belive it. With boys as good looking as Age and Becks I hope this next baby can live up to the standered, lol!