Family Dinner

I have been meaning to post this blog for SO LONG!

As most of you know I watched Steve and Nicole's girls while they went to Maui to play for a week. Not only did they have a great time but we did too. It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heart beat, I just love those girls. Of course Lyndz was a big help and the girls feel even more in love with her and Beckam as the week went on.

Since getting back the Wagner's have wanted to take us out for dinner to say thanks for keeping their girls safe and exceeding their expectations, but we've all been so busy we kept putting it off. Then one night, out of the blue, Nicole calls us up and is like, "Can you be at Red Robins in 20 minutes!?!" ummm... YEAH!

We packed up our kids and all meet at Red Robins for an awesome meal and great company. It was such a nice treat and made me wonder why we don't all get together for dinner (more like pot luck though!) more often.

Thanks Steve and Nicole we had a blast! Love you Wagner's!!!!

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lynz said...

look at your long hair - wow! i totally forgot how it looked and my i be the 1st to say that i love the short on you :)
thanks from the tolmans too wagners - it was good food and good times!