Long Weekend mini-"hike"

So I am not really suppose to be hiking and Aaron was in no mood to deliver a baby in the middle of the woods so we decided to go with the Tolman's on a Mini-hike. This is about a 120 foot incline over .2 miles so yeah, more of a walk! But it was beautiful and gave me a chance to play around with the camera a bit. Enjoy the photos!


Kels said...

gorgeous. i'm a teeny bit jealous. i love the family picture of you guys in front of the falls. you look great.

lynz said...

ya i'll have to get those pics cuz they are way better than the ones we got! also, i think i need to get a camera like yours - it actually looks as green as it really is - sooo beautiful and so fun that it's just down the road from us :)

Sabby said...

Great work on the pics!