AJ The Enforcer

After 4 weeks of an endless cough I FINALLY decided to take AJ in to get checked. Truth be told I probably wouldn't have but Beckam has now had it for a week and Lyndz wanted to get him check so I decided I would tag along. After finding out AJ has Bronchitis, sending Lyndz and Becks to the hospital in an ambulance, and then watching Becks get some not so fun test, we found out he too has "Baby Bronchitis" (For details of the day check Lyndz blog) we finally arrived at Red Robin to celebrate their "health." They are both sick but we new it could have been a lot worse. Since we were starving we gathered up all the cash we had on us and went for burgers.

I feel like such a bad Mom for not taking him in sooner but I just figured it was a cold and that he would get over it. Not that it's an excess but mostly I just didn't want to deal with our Health care down here and figure out all the costs and how to bill it to our insurance. AJ if you ever read this I love you lots and I am sorry for being a lazy Mom!!!!

Both boys were GREAT all day and stayed really happy but by 3:30PM when we got home AJ was over tired and only slept for 45 minutes. I didn't mind because I NEW he would sleep in this morning...... HA! Our day started at 4:22AM. That's right folks, AJ was up and ready to go even before the sun! We tried to put him back to bed, gave him water, put him in the crib, we even tried bringing him to bed with us but nothing helped. He was wide awake.

He stayed up and happy all the way till 12:30 when I finally put him down for his nap. We were all a little tired but since he was pretty happy all morning it ended up being all right. I let Aaron sleep in a bit, I can't believe 7:30 was considered sleeping in, because I knew that I could have a nap later on.

Saturdays usually end up being split between study time and family time for our "oh so studious" husbands. We thought that it might be nice to give them something to look forward so today we planned a little picnic.

At 9:00 the boys were off to school with strict instructions to be at the park at 3:30. It was a beautiful day and turned out to be perfect for our first picnic of the season. Picnics are honestly one of my personal favorite things about beautiful weather. The food always tastes so much better outside and I love to watch everyone running and playing.

We had a blast playing and visiting with Friends before heading home to pass out for the night!

Isn't it funny how boys always resort back to the age of 10 when they get together!?!

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Steele Tolman said...

Hey Lacey just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading these posts even though I don't always comment. It is really nice seeing your day to day lives and knowing what is going on. We love you guys and miss you being closer.