My Birthday

On my birthday Lyndz had Aaron bring AJ over before leaving for school so I could sleep in. It was so nice to be able to lay in bed and strech before haveing to get up. Plus then I had time to get myself ready for the day without my little side kick.

At 8:30 I made my way down to Lyndz where she had a pancake breakfast all ready to go. I can't remember the last time I had a girls pancake breakfast where I wasn't the one at the grill, maybe that is why they tasted extra scrumptions! Nicole and her girls came over to help eat all the pancakes and get my birthday off to a great start.

We hung out while the kids played and spent the morning relaxing on the couch. Eventually the Wagner girls had to head home and Lyndz, the Boys, and I secided to make our way to Arbys for there 4 for $5.00 deal. Unfortunatly the deal ended on the 26th, boo! So we impravised with $5.00 foot longs from Subway, equally as good.

After napping I got ready and waited for my hot date to show up. Not only did Lyndz watch AJ so I could sleep in she also let us drop him off so that my sweeite and I could have a night on the town. What a great Sister!

Aaron got home and spiffed up a bit and off we went. After a delicious dinner at the Maccaronie grill we wandered the mall and Target and finally made our way home. It was 3 1/2 AJ free hours full of sweet remarks and lots of hand holding, I honestly couldn't think of anything better! Aaron get me a beautiful new comfortor cover that I have been wanting and a family picture frame, since one of my new years goals is to put up more family pictures in our home.

We hit a pretty crazy rain storm while on the interstate and being pregnant I couldn't help by start crying. Not because I was scared, Aaron is a fantastic driver, but because with my crazy brain and all these hormones pumping throught my body I started thinking about if something did happen to us. I pictured AJ waking up in the morning looking for me and asking for us for days and days. Then I thought of him snuggling Lyndz saying, "Lyndz, new mom!" What a nutty pregnant woman I am.

We made it home safe only to find we had locked Lyndz out of our house and they ended up putting AJ to down in their bed. Honestly I was more than happy for a chance to wake him up and give him some snuggles after those silly thoughts. Thanks for making my birthday so great everyone! Love ya


MotherBeck said...

I get crazy thought like that ll the time...and I'm not even pregnant...just crazy I guess.

Levi said...

Although I think everyone knows what you meant when you said you couldn't think of anything better than 3.5 AJ free hours, it made me laugh. I am glad you had such a great day sister! Enjoy being 25.

lynz said...

you are nutty! that is the funniest thought to have racing through your head especially when it was just raining! oh to be pregnant...such craziness :)