8 months Pregnant.

I made it! I was officially 8 months pregnant on Saturday and now only have 4 & 1/2 weeks left until baby. I still have all the same pregnancy complaints heartburn, hip problems, LOTS of pain in my SI joint, and as you can see sleepless nights but these are all pretty typical pregnancy blunders so what can you do?

We are still way up in the air when it comes to names especially since we don't know what we are having. Aaron keeps telling me not to stress about it and that when the baby gets here we'll find the perfect name but I can't help but think about it all the time and still nothing we love.

Anyways I have been meaning to take some pictures at 8 months but I haven't gotten around to them yet. I figured if I waited to long they wouldn't really be 8 month pictures so I had Lyndz snap a few at the park yesterday. Sorry about the ill fitting swim top, clothing that fits well is getting harder and harder to find. I have officially started sharing Aaron's wardrobe as often as possible. I still get dressed in my own clothing to go out of the house but I am never thrilled to do so, lol.

I will post about the park later today or tomorrow but I just love these pictures Lyndz took of me and Age relaxing in the sun. (Again sorry about the lowcut top!)

AJ has been so snuggly and cute lately, always giving me hugs and wanting to do whatever I'm doing. While the other kids where off playing he came back to spend a few minutes hanging out with me. I just love this little guy!

Anyways I am up this morning, it's 3:40AM because I chose to eat a "Fun Dip" (thank-you Becki) before bed. I know have heartburn, an over active baby, and a mind that won't shut off! I hope everyone else is fast asleep having peaceful dreams, oh and don't phone me tomorrow afternoon, I'LL BE NAPPING!


MotherBeck said...

Sorry about the FunDip! I will bring carrots next time ;) You look great though..hubba hubba!

lynz said...

carrots eh?!? better than sugar filled fun dips :) love the laying down pics and yay for 8 months - woohoo!

The Evansons said...

You are so cute! I like the 2nd pic, nice cleave....hahaha, I want to be pregnant right now.!!!

Sabby said...

You are one cute pregnant lady, I love the pics!

Lee and Valerie Gunther said...

AJ is such a cute little guy, and it looks like you guys had a great time at park, we should all go again. I'm excited to get to know you and your family better!