Picture Post

I know that you are having a bit of snow back home and I just wanted to put up a few pictures to encourage any of you who are looking for a reason to come on down and visit us in Portland.

Here are the two most obvious reasons:

Already this beautiful...IN APRIL!

Friendly Wildlife,

Short worthy weather,

And the cutest 33 week pregnant girl you will ever see, lol!!!


MotherBeck said...

Two of the cutest kids I have ever seen...seriously!! I will come and visit you...oh wait..

Nicole Wagner said...

LMBO!!!!!!!! that is some CRAZY wildlife we have for sure!!
You are pretty darn cute with your new hair cut and cute basketball belly:)
I'll come visit too....like...today!:)

Kels said...

i still didn't even think that was you with the short hair! i wish i could come and visit. . . dang school!!!