The Best Mothers Day gifts EVER!

Mothers Day is such a great day. I love having a day where my boys just focus on taking care of me, but honestly that's how most Sundays are anyways. I have been blessed with such a loving husband and the greatest son a girl could ask for.

This morning we all slept in till 8:00 and then the boys made me a delicious waffle breakfast. We spent the morning relaxing, decorating the deck with sidewalk chalk, and blowing bubbles. It's a beautiful day and my husband is planning on BBQing up some delicious stakes for dinner, yummy!

I sit back and enjoy my family while feeling baby #2 practices kick boxing I can't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed. We have each other, our health, and more luxuries than a lot of others in our shoes I honestly couldn't ask for a better life.

Now I know that these special occasions aren't about the gifts but there are a three gifts that I have been given that I simply can't help from mentioning. The first is my mother.

Being a Mother is anything but easy. This year I celebrated my 25th birthday. As the day passed I thought about my life and all it has held, which got me thinking about my Mom. At the age of 25 she was a single mother of three working full time to provide for us while attempting to attaining her GED. WOW. Not only did she get this she graduated from a secretarial course and eventually became the National Customer Service representative for Swans Inc. throughout all of Canada.

We didn't have much but she taught us a true love of the Gospel, how to work hard, and how to keep our chin's up no matter what! My Mom is the greatest Mom in the whole world, I may not have always made her feel like it but she is.

Even more than a mother she is my dearest friend. We talk everyday sharing our day-to-day joys and sorrows, picking each other up, and laughing together over those silly life moments you can only share with your closet friend. I love her more than words can express and thinking of all she has sacrificed for me brings me to tears! My mother is one of the most compassionate women I have ever meet, she taught me the true meaning of charity. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly everyone around her falls in love with her sweet personality, it is one of her amazing gifts I wish I had inherited. I love you mom, without you I'd be lost.

Gift #2

In our family we have never been very comfortable with using the term "Step" to describe each other but for any of you who don't know Cindy she is technical my "Step" mom. 15 years ago my Dad meet and feel in love with Cindy Boehemer, I remember the first picnic we had together at Henderson lake. She seemed really nice and I loved the diamond she had in her tooth.

Although we spent time together I never got to know Cindy really well until I moved to Edmonton at the age of 19. During my short time in Edmonton Cindy became a crutch I could lean on. I could never imagine popping by randomly to catch up or share a meal but that is exactly how it ended up being. Cindy helped me organize my first home and spent time getting to know more about me and sharing stories about her life.

Having AJ has brought us even closer and helped me have a better understanding and appreciation for the situation Cindy found herself in when she fell in love with my Dad. We all know that new marriages can be hard but throwing 4 children into the mix, WOW!

Everyday I feel closer and closer to Cindy, she has a very special place in my heart and makes me feel like a beautiful daughter of God. She knows when to give advice, when to simply listen, the occasions to send a card or call, and she understands the importance of an eternal perspective. As our lives get busier and busier time together is hard to find but it is something I often find myself trying to work out. It always seems like no matter how much time we have together I always need more. All though you made not realize it, you have held a big part in making me into the mother and wife I am today and I love you so much for it!
Gift #3

The newest member to my band of mothers, Lorraine. Lorraine is Aaron's Mom and she became my Mother-in-Law over three years ago. Honestly I'm not sure how I ever got by without her! Since the very first time I meet Lorraine she made me feel like family. I can't remember a time I felt awkward or uncomfortable in the Poytress home.

Lorraine is a mother of SIX and one of those women who puts EVERYONE before herself. She set the bar pretty high but she is helping me live up to it by sharing all her secrets. (Apple pie recipe, private bun lessons, blanket making, etc.) Not only dose she have this unselfish love for her own family but for everyone around her.

Her unfailing patience and ability to find joy in the small things makes her a favorite among the kids at school and of course her 3 grandchildren. I have never seen her happier than when playing Lego on the floor with AJ or taking aby and Syd to the pool. I know that I could call her at anytime for anything and she would drop everything and come running, no questions asked.

Without her we never would have found and apartment before getting to Oregon and I am not sure that I would feel so at ease about baby #2. You see my Mom can only come down for a few days in June but Lorraine has promised as soon as summer holidays start (June 26th) she is all mine for as long as I need her. Can you believe that, who dose that for their daughter-in-law!?! Lorraine you have been such an amazing strength and example to me over the past three year I can't thank you enough. I love you for the woman that you are and all the you have done to help me and my family. Love you!

The best part about these three unbelievable women is that they are not only here for me but they are here for my children. Can you imagine growing up with three such wonderful Grandmothers? You are all constant sources of strength to me and the examples I need to keep me going. You are the best support team I could imagine, Thank-yo all from the bottom of my heart!


Kels said...

what a great post, lace. i loved all your comments. your mom is amazing. i loved your sweet words about cindy and how your relationship has grown. you really do have some wonderful women in your life!!!

Nicole Wagner said...

that was really nice Lacey, they are lucky to have such an appreciative daughter:):)

Cindy said...

Lacey, you are so sweet! Thank you for all you said, it made me a bit emotional. I am glad to be one of your mothers. You are always so thoughtful and kind and I appreciate your example to me of those attributes. You're a wonderful mother!
Love you lots,

Solid Steele said...

I concur