Clicked-Clack Clicked-Clack we're on our way back!

With the roads an icy mess Lynz and I decided to take the train home this year, always an adventure! We were able to get a sleeping car for a fairly reasonable price (I guess!) which definitely made our trip go a little smoother. We got on the train at 5:00PM and awaited our dinner, NOT GREAT! Cold cuts and old potato's, nothing the boys would even consider eating. Good thing our carry on's where loaded with buns, cracker, power bars, and a lot of other treats. It was enough to fill us up for the night.

After rearranging the room and getting everyone in their Jammie's we thought we would put on a movie and tuck in to bed. This is when we found our that the plug in was set back in the wall and our large cord on the DVD player wouldn't fit in the socket, fantastic! The battery was party charged so the little boys where able to watch a little before it died for good.

Bed time went smoother then we expected, AJ was out in minutes as usual, Beckam and Maddox took a little longer but eventually fell asleep and then there's Miles. Sweet, adorable, screaming Miles. This little man is a Hugh fan of his bunk bed. He has never slept anywhere other than his bed or crib since he was a tiny little new born. He HATES if we bring him into bed with us it always ends with him playing, then crying, then screaming until we put him back to sleep in bed. Well as you can imagine we did not bring his bed with us on the train and after everyone else was asleep I had to take him out so that his screaming didn't wake them up.

Out in the hall the lights are always on and you are right next to every ones doors. Little Miles was a mess, he wanted to sleep but there was no where to put him and we could go back into the room until he was asleep or he would wake all the other kids up. So there we stood for an hour and a half racking back and forth me crying him screaming and random people coming out to see if he had broken an arm or something because it sounded that bad. Lynz kept checking on me but there wasn't much she could do, he wouldn't go to her to he just stayed in my arms flipin' his lid. I also got motion sickness and had the fun experience of getting sick with miles in my arms, awesome! He did eventually fall asleep around 12:30 and we all slept until 6:00AM.

Lynz slept by Becks with he bum hanging of the bed, I slept between Miles and Maddox on a bed that was only five feet long and the boys all snoozed in beds that fit them just fine. WHAT A FUN LITTLE TRIP! I like to think that it is all for the memories, because honestly I will never forget that night! Good thing I had Lynz to share it with being together makes all the difference!

Here I am keeping Miles locked in and quiet with a movie on the Ipod

The next day went great, we had breakfast in the dinning car and played in our room until arriving in Shelby. We were so excited to see Lynn waiting for us with Pizza Hut pizza and home made chocolates. Love you Lynn!!!!

Christmas in Portland

It is always hard to wrap all our presents and haul them home so this year we though, why not do our own Christmas in Portland BEFORE we go home!?!? And so we did. On December 10th we got up early and shared Christmas morning with just us and our boys.

Although we have been parents for the past four years we have always spent Christmas Eve at our parent house, which means they took care of all the Christmas eve responsibilities. It was so fun to tuck the kids into bed and spend the evening with Poy getting everything ready for the following morning. We listened to Christmas music and drank Hot coco, what a great night!

In the morning the boys where so excited to find all the presents under the tree, I have never seen miles face light up like when he saw his new Rex toy, SO CUTE! AJ was so great helping Miles and taking turns opening things, he loved his new Lightning couch and Madder car track. LOVE YOU POYTRESS BOYS! what a great start to the Christmas holidays, honestly, who doesn't want three Christmas mornings each year!

Later that day we went to the Church for a pot luck with our friends before everyone took off for the holidays. AJ was so cute, he picked out this outfit before we left because he wanted to look nice when he sat with Santa.
Miles was not so into Santa but he sure loved the candy canes.