Poytress Christmas.

It has always been such a blessing for us to have our families live so close together. Every year we get to spend Christmas with both sides of the family instead of having to go back and forth yearly. We love heading out to our Poytress home aways from home to spend time eating, swimming, playing games, and catching up. AJ has so much fun Uncle Jared, Jorpo, and Jeff......well maybe he'll warm up to Jeff a bit more next year, lol! Seeing our boys with their aunts and Aby and Syd makes me want to be back in Fort Macleod already.
Here's some pictures from our Poytress family Christmas:

Aaron took Age out to play in the snow but it ended up being more of a quick walk around the back yard and right back in!
Chels has this cupcake book full of really neat ideas. (that's right I said neat) These may have taken a little longer than expected (4 hours) but us girls had a great time chatting away while we made them and in the end it was totally worth it, don't they look great?!

Uncle Jared playing prince Charming to Syds RapunzelHere are all the stockings hung on Christmas eve, I can't believe how big the family is getting!CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!

Gift of the year goes to Uncle Jorpo for picking out this Great looking hat for Poy. Over the holidays I think I say it on everyone but Lorraine. One of the best parts of Christmas morning is BREAKFAST, mmmmmm....They are always wearing Christmas colors and looking so cute on Christmas morning.

They haven't quite made it to co-ordinated Christmas shirts yet but they will....
That's right boys, as of April 26th this girl is legal Dating age!!! Of course you still have to get past her Dad!

Meeting of the Minds

Thanks so much for another wonderful Christmas, I know we aren't the cleanest or quietest addition to the house but we are so greatful you are always willinga nd ready to have us. Love you guys!


Peterson Christmas

What a Crazy Christmas we had this year! Me and the boys were off to Canada with Lynz and Beckam on Dec. 11th while Aaron and Dust stayed until the 19th to finish exams. We were ALL over Southern Alberta but the majority of our time was spent in Stirling and Fort Macleod. It may have been busy but it was Great!

Here are some pictures from our Peterson Christmas:
Living in an apartment dosen't really leave much room for out door lighting. I LOVE coming home to Mom and Dads beautiful house and lightsAJ LOVES Grandpa Zoe's theater room. After a while he would just go down there and watch by himself, so cute!What do you think now that he's had time to fill out, just like AJ or his own little man???
Story time with Grandpa....What else can I do to try and push back bed time????Here's the Tolmans with little Emery on her very first Christmas. Here she is just 11 days old!!! Umm... we're not related!Also a first timer this Christmas, Miles. I think he was a pretty big fan of the whole Christmas season.Although I am not quite ready to post about it, this is my sweet little Grandpa Dick who passed away just 5 days ago. He means the world to me and I already miss him with all my heart. He was able to meet Emery Elise and spend quite a bit of time with us over the holidays. Love you Gramps!I think these two must be the proudest Grandparents in the whole world! I have never seen them happier than when they are surrounded by these cuties.AJ & Beckam are two peas in a pod. Age loves being a comedian and Beckam laughs at ALL his jokes, lol.
Her she is, Emery Elise Tolman! She is in high demand around the house since she is the only girl we have to play with for now. She could have a little competition this summer depending on what flavor Lyndz is having!!!!Santa Miles.
After being such a good boy this year Santa gave AJ just was he wanted, BUZZ and Woody. I think it made his whole Christmas perfect.Christmas eve jammies. I'm not really sure how much they liked them since ALL THREE BOYS decided to soil themselves in the night. That's right folks instead of going straight to presents we made a pit stop at the tub. Instead of helping him I just sit behind him making that face, way to go Mom!This year the kids got Pillow Pets, you get them on-line and they are AWESOME!
Just wanna say a quick thanks to Mom and Dad for letting us stay with them again this year. I know it's not easy going from just you two to all of us but it was so much fun for us! Love ya lots.