Calgary play date.

Many of you many not know that Chelsie happens to be Calgary's best preschool teacher. I know you may think I am bias as she is my SIL but you don't have to take my word for it, check this out....There you have it! With the last day of class fast approaching Chels was busy getting ready for her end of year party, which means she could only come to Fort Mac for Fathers day and then had to head back. It was pretty obvious that the kids needed more time together so Chelsie invited us up to Calgary to join in the festivities and hit up the zoo. WHAT A PARTY! AJ and Miles where lovin' all the kids and fun activities Chelsie had organized. Everyone had a great time and it was so sweet to see all the little ones hugging Mrs.Chelsie good-bye.

After a quick bit to eat we were off to the ZOO. Uncle Jared took the afternoon off to come with us, which is a good thing since AJ would have been freaking out without his hand in Dino park. He started off okay, hand in hand.After a few more Dinosaurs we got to this point....

and after T-REX he headed for higher gound. Safe at last!
AJ loved walking with the Dinasaures but this was not his thing. After half an hour he turned to me and said, "where are the NORMAL zoo animals Mom? Lets go see them!" So off we went to find some "normal" animals.


Next Stop: Fort Mac!

On Fathers Day we shared and early dinner with my family and then headed to Fort Mac tp celebrate there. It was so nice to have a big family dinner and see all our cousin's, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Even Chels and her family made it down.

We spent the whole week playing with the poytress's and I must admit it was a little sad to not have our Uncle Jorpo around BUT we are so proud of the work he is doing. He is already a great missionary, serving the people of Las Vegas, it's crazy to think he has already been gone 3 months! Love you Elder Poytress!

All though Grandpa & Grandma had to work we made the most of our time together and found lots of ways to have fun and fill our time. Here we are playing at the park with Grandma.

This is a weird spinning bowl that they have at the park, it made me sick just watching the boys in it!
Are you kidding me with how cute he is! I just cant get over that smile.This is my all time favorite house in Fort Mac. I told Aaron I will move there when the owners agree to sell it to us, ha ha ha. It is so beautiful and the yard on the far side is perfect! I'll let you know when our offer has been accepted, lol.

On the weekend we made our way to Waterton, BEAUTIFUL! This was actually the first time our boys have been there, which totally blows my mind.
Is that Miles eating rocks?!?!?!?! Shocker!

Of course Waterton is not all fun and games, you have to use caution or....YOU COULD GET HURT!


Proud to be Canadian!

or dual in Miles case! Being home for Canada day was so fun, we spend the last Canada day down in Portland so it was nice to be home celebrating all we have to be proud of.

I have really loved living in Portland and enjoy being in the States a lot more than I thought I would but I want to say that I am still so proud to be a Canadian Girl! I love our beautiful country and all the freedoms we enjoy. We have great Education programs, fantastic health care, diversity among our people, poutines, and the most breathtaking views. LOVE YOU CANADA!

We took the boys to the Raymond parade first thing in the morning and they LOVED it! This is the first parade that AJ and Becks were really at an age where they understood and got excited about the whole candy factor. It was so cute to see them running after the treats!

Also you don't see THESE at just any parade, only in Raymond. Nice!


Best Dad EVER!

We decided to go back up to Canada for a visit since we haven't been home in 6 months and we aren't sure when we will be able to make it back next. Since Lyndz is 38 weeks pregnant her and Becks would be flying leaving me and the boys alone for our 13 hour drive home, BLAH!

Of course for those of you who know my Dad you know he would NEVER let that happen! He booked a flight and flew in the day before making the long drive back with me and the boys on Friday morning. I honestly could not have done it alone and this is NOT the first time he has done this for me. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU for everything you do for me Dad, I love you so much and can never express the gratitude I feel. He really is the best Dad ever!

I also want to mention that Lorraine and Al said if he couldn't make it down one of them would happily come and pick us up. I must have some seriously cute boys to make everyone so willing to drive all that way to get us home for a visit. Thanks guys, Love you!

So we made it home in 13 hours and the boys did great! We spent the first week in Stirling playing and hanging out until Aaron made it home on the 19th. Here's how we filled our time......

Playing with the dogs.
This is how AJ and Gus play together. Gus hiding under anything he can and AJ trying to reach him, Nice!

Snuggzin' up.

Playing at Uncle Scott and Aunt Carols farm.

Enjoying our Family.
Here we have Miles and Luke, born just 20 minutes and 1200 minle apart! When me and Agnie were growing up we use tell everyone that we were cosins and play challengers ALL THE TIME! We loved hanging out and have always been close, I love that girl and hope that our two little boys tcan make as many fun memories as we have. I can't believe us girls didn't take a picture!

Oh and did I mention that after 3 months of straight rain in Portland we arrived in Stirling just in time for this.....

Isn't that crazy!?!? I never remember it raining much in southern Alberta, in fact I always remember praying for moisture in our church meetings but niot this year. It was actually announced as a state of emergencey with all the flooding!

We came back for another four days after a week in Fort Macleod and it was great. We jsut love being home and spending our time with our families, the only problem is now we miss them even more!