Proud to be Canadian!

or dual in Miles case! Being home for Canada day was so fun, we spend the last Canada day down in Portland so it was nice to be home celebrating all we have to be proud of.

I have really loved living in Portland and enjoy being in the States a lot more than I thought I would but I want to say that I am still so proud to be a Canadian Girl! I love our beautiful country and all the freedoms we enjoy. We have great Education programs, fantastic health care, diversity among our people, poutines, and the most breathtaking views. LOVE YOU CANADA!

We took the boys to the Raymond parade first thing in the morning and they LOVED it! This is the first parade that AJ and Becks were really at an age where they understood and got excited about the whole candy factor. It was so cute to see them running after the treats!

Also you don't see THESE at just any parade, only in Raymond. Nice!


Holly Lujan said...

Well, in America we usually get candy at parades, not plungers!! JK! That is hilarious. I am proud to have awesome Canadian friends.

lynz said...

haha - i love the plunger thing! they must have done it just for aj cuz i've never gotten any plungers before! love the 1st few pics - so proud to be canadian eh :)

Linds said...

Question: Why the heck were they passing out plungers?? Is there a plumbing problem in Canada?