Calgary play date.

Many of you many not know that Chelsie happens to be Calgary's best preschool teacher. I know you may think I am bias as she is my SIL but you don't have to take my word for it, check this out....There you have it! With the last day of class fast approaching Chels was busy getting ready for her end of year party, which means she could only come to Fort Mac for Fathers day and then had to head back. It was pretty obvious that the kids needed more time together so Chelsie invited us up to Calgary to join in the festivities and hit up the zoo. WHAT A PARTY! AJ and Miles where lovin' all the kids and fun activities Chelsie had organized. Everyone had a great time and it was so sweet to see all the little ones hugging Mrs.Chelsie good-bye.

After a quick bit to eat we were off to the ZOO. Uncle Jared took the afternoon off to come with us, which is a good thing since AJ would have been freaking out without his hand in Dino park. He started off okay, hand in hand.After a few more Dinosaurs we got to this point....

and after T-REX he headed for higher gound. Safe at last!
AJ loved walking with the Dinasaures but this was not his thing. After half an hour he turned to me and said, "where are the NORMAL zoo animals Mom? Lets go see them!" So off we went to find some "normal" animals.


Lorraine said...

I'm so glad you were able to go to Calgary and spend some time with Chelsie and the girls. And how fun for Jared to spend some time at the zoo with you guys as well. We sure miss all of you - it was great to have you here!

Linds said...

You are looking so skinny. I'm so jealous!