Pasta People

We like to start them off young over here in the Poytress household, teach them early that Carbs are ALL THE RAGE! Here's Miles showing you how it's done.


3 years old!

It just can't believe it has been THREE years since my little AJ was born. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I am sure I will never forget the first time they placed little Age in my arms and said, "it's a boy!"

AJ is a pretty amazing little boy and we get more proud of him everyday. He recognizes all the letters of the alphabet and the first 10 Numbers, counts to 20, sings TONZ of songs, and is constantly cracking everyone up. He is crazy and off the walls but sweet as pie and such a softy. The other day we were watching bolt and he started to cry when he saw penny give Bolt's favorite toy to the other dog. SO CUTE!

We spent the day doing everything he wanted. Pancake breakfast with Lyndz, Becks, and the Wagner girls followed by a special Mom and AJ date to the children's Museum.The happiest place on earth, the dig pit!After I was done painting his face AJ decided that he would do mine, here's were we ended up.... We played with the animals for along time and in the end AJ decided the Lion was his favorite one, because he could eat anyone he wanted. He learned that on Planet Earth, ha ha ha Driving the bus.AJ LOVES the water room. He spends all of his time making different paths on the "river" for his boats to go down.We swung by home to pick up Miles and then got Dad for a special birthday lunch at "old McDonald's"
We heard somewhere that you get a free dozen Krispy Kream donuts on your birthday which makes the trip TOTALLY WORTH IT. When we arrived however, we found out that you only get ONE free donut, (which you get when they have hot and ready's anyways) which makes the trip.....Totally NOT worth it. AJ did enjoy his birthday treat so I guess it was sort of worth it. AJ watched Toy Story while I made his Dr.Sues style cake and a delicious quesadilla dinner.

My first attempt at marshmallow fondent, turned out pretty good. We ate with the Tolmans and then opened presents. Holly and Dan (AJ's "almost" aunt and uncle) came over as well. First up the Tolmans....
That's right everyone, they got him a fish! when I asked him what we should name him he looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, "His name is Wilson Mom"We had to teach him that Wilson is not the type of pet you hold! Gifts from Holly and Dan brought all the way from Disneyland, These now come with us EVERYWHERE! AJ thinks if they fit in the diaper bag why not bring them....ALL OF THEM!
Grandma and Papa couldn't be here but he Loved their gifts as well.Sand and Water table. The sun does not even have to be shining for him to go play with this, just as long as the rain isn't falling it's go time!LEGO!!!! He loves going to Grandmas to play Lego with uncle Jorpo and Uncle Jared and now he has some of his very own!Buzz Lightyear wings. Hazardous to Miles and Beckam but he LOVES THEM!
We had a blast celebrating our little boys third birthday, I still can't beleive I have a 3 year old!
Oh I almost forgot to add a few pictures of his Birthday party with the Friends. We did it during the Day so Dad had to miss it but we had lots of fun decorating cupcakes, treat fishing, and hitting the pinyat (no idea how to spell that!)


Their Back!

Once again my parents decided to come down for the Easter long weekend but this year they didn't come alone.This year Levi, Hayley, and little Em came with them and it was so much fun!!! They arrived Thursday around noon and were here until Monday morning (although they left at 6:00AM so we didn't see them that day.)

It was so weird to think that we have lived here for over a year and a half and a lot of our siblings still haven't seen our home. Some of them may never make it down here to see us which is fine it just seems kind of weird to think about. Anyways we can now officially cross the LEH Tolmans off that list, hooray!

We spent a lot of the weekend eating and shopping, two pf our most favorite activities. It was so fun to be able to go shopping on the little girls side of the store with Hayley it made me wish that I had a little girl right now (no this is not an announcement!) There is just so much cute stuff down here and it is all SO CHEAP.

We went to Red Robin's and as always La Catalina (a delicious little Mexican place we found last summer when Dad was here) but we also went to a place called Otto's Sausage Kitchen. It was on the show Drive-in's, Diner's, and Dives. Apparently it did not disappoint, Me and Hayley stayed how with the little ones so they could nap but everyone else went and had a sausage or hot dog and LOVED IT! They have been around for 80 years and they grill it up BBQ style right out on the street. It may not look like much but they must be doing something right cuz' people just keep coming back. Here we are having Easter morning with the boys. We didn`t have time to actually color eggs this year, which I was pretty sad about, but they still had a fun easter.

Finding Eggs with uncle Dust

of course kids aren`t the only ones who can find eggs and win treasure on Easter. Every year the Alpinrose corporation puts on an easter day festival which includes and easter egg hunt for Mom`s. Any woman can participate but you wanna make sure you are there in good time. First you all line up behind a big rope.

Then they cover the field in tiny Chocolate foil eggs. Most of them are plain but there are about 100 of them that have a tiny orange sticker on them indicating that they are prise winner. The prises include diamond earings & necklass, a full day at the spa, $100 giftcertificates to diffrent restaurants, and lots more. It`s free to participate so there are LOTS of women even in the frezzing rain.
Then they lower the rope, count down from ten, and GO!

That`s right folks, NOTHING! 6 girls on the feild and we didn`t get a single prise.

You may have noticed that Mom didn`t quiet make it onto the feild. She was a little bit clastrafobic in the crowed so she decided to cheer us on from the sides. We love you Mom!
As it was conference weekend the boys attended the Priesthoods session and were spent Sunday at home listening to the General Authorities address us during conference. I love conference, it always makes you re-focus and realize what is REALLY important in life. This year I was moved by many of the talks and felt as if they were written specifically for me,lol maybe I just have a big head! It was inspiring and I am counting down the days until we get the may issue of the ensign. As we all know Easter Sunday calls for a delicious Easter dinner and this year we had all the fixix's. Usually we would do a dinner with our other "familyless" friends but this year we actually got to have a nice big family dinner, it was perfect!Since AJ's birthday was just two bays away we decided to have another pre-birthday party, that's right party number two. Grandma Moje let him pick out what kind of cake he wanted, Chocolate, and then made chocolate butter cream frosting from scratch..........OH YEAH. AJ was in heaven. You may notice that I am right by his side in all these birthday pictures because he loves all the attention, singing, and gifts but it makes him a little embarrassed so he likes to have me to hide behind, cute.

Everyone else seemed pretty excited with the cake as well.....

As excited as he was about the cake it didn`t even hold a candle to the great birthday gift Grandma and Grandpa gave him. A new Bike!

At first he couldn`t really get the hang of pushing the pedals and stearing, I thought we would be at it for the next month or so but as soon as we got him out on the side walk he was GONE. He loves to ride that bike and is already really good at it, I just wish the weather was a little nicer so I didn`t have to tell him no half the times he askes to go out. Poor little guy.

Since this is the last time we will all be together before Dust and Lyndz have their next little man we wanted to get a few pictures of the Grandkids so far. It was a quick shoot but we got a few good one!

It was a perfect weekend, wish it could have lasted FOREVER! Love you guys!

Oh wait, I forgot I wanted to post a few pictures of Levi and his family that we took while they were here. I am not to sure which of these they like but here are a few of my top picks.