5 months Pregnant

I am now just over 5 months pregnant and loving it. I know that I am always talking about how big I am and how I show so early but I want to make it clear that neither of these things are upsetting to me. I love being pregnant, there is no other experience that can compare to carrying your child for 40 (and hopefully no more)weeks. I have been very lucky in my pregnancies so far and hope the trend continues. One of the first signs of pregnancy for me is complete and utter exhaustion! There is nothing I love more in my first trimester than sleep, it is my best friend and I will do anything necessary to get all the Z's I can. This time around my sleepiness lasted well into my second tri-mester, up until about 20 weeks, lucky for me I have an amazing little napper who sleeps from 1-4 most days giving me ample time to doze off. That is all behind me now and I am on to funner things! I began to feel our little one move around 18 weeks, nothing major, just a few little flips and turns every now and then. By 20 I was feeling all the little punches and kicks and then on Valentines day Aaron felt the baby kick for the first time too. I have been forcing him to hold his hands on my tummy 10 minutes at a time over the last few weeks to no avail but I guess the baby is getting stronger because he finally felt it! It's always so exciting when Dad can start to feel the baby kick, I think it makes everything seem more real. Other side effects so far include heartburn (usually between 2-4 AM!) Migraines (which I now know I can take medications for) and Carpotunnel (which is what it is and I obviously can't spell it!) and of course weight gain, lol. My emotions have been pretty good so far, well according to me, maybe we should check with Aaron!?! It is hard being pregnant with a husband who's schooling is so intense, I have cried over our lack of time together a few times, but it is all part of life. I understand how important school is and I am so proud of how great Aaron is doing. Sometimes on long rainy days, with a grumpy AJ,no naps, a messy house, and a headache your loss that perspective and melt down! What can I say, I'M PREGNANT! Sorry for the drama Poy, I love ya for taking it all in stride and always reassuring me.
AJ has been really great about becoming a big brother, probably because he doesn't really understand it just yet! He loves kissing my tummy goodnight, show the baby his toys by mashing them against my belly, and pushing in my belly button to "ring the baby's door bell" AJ really loves spending time with Beckam, although it is not the same as having a brand new baby around 24/7 I think the time they are spending together will help make the transition easier for Age. We are getting more and more excited about having another baby around but I must admit I am a little nervous too!


Starting traditions

I have never been a big fan of Valentines day, especially during my dating years. There is just to much pressure and expectation, exchanging gifts is always fun but I've always feel uncomfortable when opening gifts in front of people. Anyways I remember loving Valentines day when I was in Elementary school. It was so fun to make the little mail boxes for your desk and then passing out all your valentines. I remember sit at the kitchen table with my class list and pick out which invitations I would give to who, plus who doesn't love a party day at school where they serve sugar cookies!?!

It was never any grand gesture or elaborate gift, but on Valentines day my Mom would always clean up our rooms for us and decorates our beds with candies and a Valentines day card and letter. I mentioned this to her the other day and I am not even sure she remembers doing it, but it meant the world to me and always made the day seem extra special. This is why I have chosen to carry the tradition on with my own children. I know AJ is a little young to get it yet but I did it this year anyways.

We spent Friday making cookies and decorating them for all our friends. I guess I never realized how hard it can be to make cookies with a little helper, especially since I like my cookies to look perfect but I just had to let that go! AJ's favorite part is rolling out the dough and moving the cookies onto the baking sheet. Some of the cookies looked more like the anatomical version of a heart than the traditional Valentines day shape after he moved them but it's the thought that counts right!?! ha ha ha. (It was a day at home making cookies so please feel free to not judge my appearance! You don't get good mom marks for make-up and Fancy clothing, he he!)
Please note the helicopter band-aid on AJ's hand. He found them in the bathroom last week and has had one on his hand ever since. They usually last about 3 days and then have to come off, but he makes sure he gets a new one put on the right way ASAP! It must be the right hand and the helicopter has to be facing him, those are the rules and they are unflinchingly ridged!

While he napped we worked on the icing and then got them ready for Saturdays delivery. It was fun to let AJ take the cookies to the door and give them out to all his little friends, he was a little sad when we got home and he realized there where only a few cookies left for him!
We also made a trip down to the Woodburn outlet mall. It is about 45 minutes away but they have a columbia store with the best prices on rain jakets, which we were in major need of, so off we went. Part of our christmas gift from Aaron's parents included "rain coat money" which turned out to be perfect since we are finally seeing a little rain down here in Portland. We found great omnitech jackets that were a steal of a deal, what do ya think!?! So we are new to the 10 second timer but we got it in the end! This first one looked to low so I was squating to be in the picturesThen it all got a little to up close and personal!Finally we got it! Aren't they great, we love then so THANKS AGAIN POYTRESS'S!Later that evening Aaron and I were invited out to Gustavus for dinner with 5 other couples. It was a really cool German restaurant which we had never been to but I defiantly think we will be back. The food was great but a little scary if you aren't familiar with German food so we made sure to check out the on-line menu at home first. We knew everyone there but have never hung out with any of the couples before and it ended up being a lot of fun! We love getting to know new people and we are excited about new friends.We got home, put AJ to bed and curled up on the couch watch ocean's eleven. It was a great night and I have to give a big thanks to Dust & Lyndz for watching our little man while we went out to dinner, it's nice to just be a couple sometimes.


Happy Valentines Day

I have been saving these pictures for Valentines day since our little photo shoot with the boys last week. I had a dosen roses from our anniversary so I thought I would get a few pictures of AJ smelling the roses. This one took a little encouragment but I finally got him to do it!
It didn't last took long though! Ha ha ha, this might just be my favorit!


Last week

I can't believe the super bowl was only a week ago, it feels more like a month! We had a pretty busy week, now it''s time to play catch up!
Last Saturday night we had the Tolman's, Smiths, & Wagner's over for chocolate fondue and games. It was the first time we played our new Christmas games, celestial companion and taboo. The celestial companion game was pretty funny to play as a group but I wouldn't count on it to test how compatible you are as a couple, lol! Of course we've played Taboo before, it's one of our favorites, until now we have always had to rely on someone else to bring it. We haven't found a lot of couples down here to play games with so it was nice to have a games night again!

On Sunday after Church Dustin & Kindsey had us (the Tolmans, & shawn and yusook) over to watch the second half of the super bowl. It was a really good game this year, even Beckam got into it, but in the end the steelers ended up taking it all. They weren't our team of choice but they put on a good show so we approve. The Smiths had all the necessary Superbowl treats and then some, I think I gained about 10 pounds! Although AJ spent move of the time running away from Eden, who just wanted to be friends, eventually he warmed up to her for a few pictures. He takes a while to accept people into his circle of friends.

Origanally our plan was to watch the super bow over at the Mangums but Saterday night their two month old daughter, Holly, became very ill and ended up in the Hospital. At first they weren't sure what was wrong, her oxygen levels where really low and she had some clouding in her lungs. Long story short, Holly needed to stay in the Hospital until Thursday and things were pretty touch and go from day to day. Since Jared still needed to be at school and Julie was at the Hospital I watched Lucy Tuesday, Wendesday, and Thursday while Kami had Jake. Although Lucy was pretty unhappy the first day with us she came around and I think she actually likes me now! Since we had such great weather Nicole and I took the kids to the park, which of course means we tooked endless pictures!Don't they look like a couple old women sitting in the park together!?! Nicole and I thought this was the cutes picture of the day.
Erika and Lucy are just 6 days apart and identical in size, I love watching them play together, makes me want a little girls of my own!I needed to check the mail and apparently I wasn't the only one! I think the kids had just as much fun here as they did at the park! After a day of cooking, cleaning, and entertaining the kids we decided to go for a dip in the hot tub. Our intention was to get warm and keep our hair dry but the kids had other plans. They spent the whole time climbing in and out of the hot tub and then jumping back in, it was a blast!
The 4th was our 3rd anniversary, which I did manage to post about but didn't put up any pictures. So here's what we accomplished after three years, one beautiful son and another little one on the way. We couldn't be happier!Over the weekend Aaron went camping with the young Men and me and AJ got a little more quality time just the two of us, THATS NEW! ha ha ha, I love being home with him but sometimes we miss the Dad! That brings us to know, hope it wasn't to many pictures for one blog!


Bigger & Bigger

I know that it has only been a few weeks since I posted belly pictures but this baby is growing fast! My mom says that having especially big belly's is a Fairbanks family trait, who am I to be any different!? So here I am at 20 1/2 weeks, I think this is about how big Lyndz was when she delivered Beckam, lol.


For Time and All Eternity

Three years ago today I was sealed to my sweetheart for time and all eternity in the Cardston Alberta Temple. I remember it being very sunny and warm for February but still pretty cold for the brides maids without their jackets!We were married at 10:30 which means we had to get up pretty early to start getting beautiful. This morning at 6:30 Aaron asked if I remembered what I was doing at that moment 3 years ago, I said "hair spraying!" he said "sleeping!" Boys get it so easy!!!I rode to the Temple with my parents, it was nice to have that time just me and them. They both gave me some great advice and helped calm my nervous by reminding me what an amazing man I was about to marry. By the time we got to the Temple I was cool and calm, however this feeling started to fade as the minutes passed and still no Aaron. Our stories differ a bit here as I remember him being almost 30 minutes late and her swears it was 10 minutes tops, but either way he finally came. He had to turn back for the marrage licence.
We had a delicious family dinner at the Poytress's house and then spent a few hours in the studio taking pictures.

Our reception was beautiful, the food was great, and we danced until we were to pooped to stand. We had a great time and everything went really smooth.

In true Dye family traition the cousins did quite the number on our car and we ended up taking the Jimmy to the hotel. I am actually kind of glad that we took the Jimmy, it is such a cool truck which me and Aaron both love, I will never forget Aaron trying to help me in and out without covering my dress in mud!
These are a few of the memories that come to mind as I look back on the pictures in our wedding album, but they are just the fluff. The things that matter the most from that day I will never forget! From the moment Aaron stepped into the Temple and took my hand everything is crystal clear. Aaron looked so handsome, he was rarely clean shaven while we dated but on that day he was as clean as they come. He came over, kissed my forehead, took me by the hand, and I remember knowing that I was about to marry the perfect man, at the perfect time, in the most perfect place on earth. I was overcome with love as he looked into my eyes and promised to take care of me for the rest of eternity. It is a moment I will always cherish.
Over the past three years my love for Aaron has grown stronger and stronger. He is a truly amazing man who inspires me to be better. He is the perfect definition of a true friend and I am lucky enough to have him as my best friend. Nothing in the world brings me greater joy than watching Aaron and AJ together. I am constantly learning how to be a better parent from Poy. His patience is never ending and his love is completely unconditional. I know that I am making him sound perfect or to good to be true because to me that is what he is. Aaron I love you more today than ever before, thank-you for being perfect for me!