Bigger & Bigger

I know that it has only been a few weeks since I posted belly pictures but this baby is growing fast! My mom says that having especially big belly's is a Fairbanks family trait, who am I to be any different!? So here I am at 20 1/2 weeks, I think this is about how big Lyndz was when she delivered Beckam, lol.


The Evansons' said...

Your belly is big!! I remeber when Dixie was pregnant with Alex and Jance she had a big belly too, your mom is right! I love it, it's cute! Big preggo bellies are just as cute as teeny ones! Love your outfit by the way!

lynz said...

uhh no....i was bigger than that for sure, and you looked so stinkin cute last night - good work :)

Nicole Wagner said...

You did look beautiful last night.
Your belly is awesome. I had a HUGE belly with Erika too..but I think it's cute!:)

Kels said...

oh lace, you look so stinking radiant! just gorgeous. love the shirt by the way, where did you find it? aw. . . you look so happy and cute! I just love this pic.