Random summer fun

Did I forget to show you AJ's pool attire?Or his New cowboy outfit that we haven't taken off in 2 and a half weeks? That's right everyone, we are haviong a heat wave and I can't get the kid out of pants!
all tuckered out from the sun, this little man can't even make it through a book at night!

Miles on the other hand is FULL of energy! I spend half my time at the pool following him around and bringing him back from places he shouldn't be.

And he's still eating dirt and refusing to wear shoes, what can I do???
One of my favorite parts of summer....LITTLE WHITE BUMS!Best Friends for life!
and don't forget about the watermelon.

We are having a great summer and I just can't get over how much I love all these little boysAJ 3 years 4 months
Beckam 19 months
Miles 13 months
Maddox 2 weeks old

Meeting Madds

The same day the Derricotts left Grandma and Grandpa Peterson arrived to meet baby Maddox. We are still getting use to his name and he has lots of little nicknames so far....Madds, doc, mad dog, maddy (just grandma moj using that one so far.) He is growing so fast and we love getting to know his personality!

Proud Grandparents with their four handsome Grandsons. It is not easy to get a good picture with a newborn, 14 month, 20 month, and 3 year old but we managed!

Grandma and Grandpa came for the August long weekend and ended up being in Portland for 4 days this time. It may not seem long but we made sure to pack in a lot of fun activities!

First up, THE ZOO!

With all this beautiful weather we had to hit up the pool.

We love habing this park across the street, it's "our park" and the boys LOVED showing it to Grandma & Grandpa.

And then it was off to the Saturday Market. We had the best time shopping around and watching all the street preformers, it was hard to get the back on the metro to go home! (pictures to come I can't find them on my computer right now!)



After making the decision to move to Orgen 2 years ago we knew it would be a Major change of pace. Aaron working on his Doctorate, living in the USA, and living in a big city. It was an exciting adventure we faced head on as a family. Our parents and most of our siblings have made it down to visit, see the kids, and support us in our stay down here but on July 21st something truly unbelievable happened. OUR FRIENDS CAME TO PORTLAND!

People always say they want to come out and visit but of course it never happens. In fact we tried to make it out to see Toad and Chuck in Vancouver for a whole year and never made it, that just seems to be the way it goes. I wish we had, I think it is so fun to go experience your friends lives while they are living away from home, which is just what the Derricotts did when they came out to see us.

We had a blast showing them all over the city. During the day we went to the Zoo, the Children's museum, multnohma falls, Jamison park, the pool, the park, and of coarse Brit and I hit up the outlet malls!

I seriously can't believe that we didn't take more pictures while they where here! I also lined up baby sitters for the hotel at night so we could take them to the living room theater, voodoo donuts, and teach them Dominion! It was a seriously crazy, busy, fun few days. Thanks for coming guys we loved getting to share of Portland life with you.

Red rover red rover we call YOU over!


Maddox John Maxwell Tolman

After months of anticipation little Maddox made his grand debue on July 16th 2010. Weight in at 8 pounds 4 oz he was the heaviest little man born so far but still long and lean like his big brother becks. With Maddox it was love at first sight, he is one of the worlds CUTEST babies ever! (I thought you only felt that way about your own babies!?!?) Anyways Lyndz did great, read about it here theirs a lot more LOVE and a lot less SLEEP in the Tolman house hold these days but Maddox is a perfect fit! I am so proud to be the aunt of these two wonderful little boys and I feel so blessed that I am never more that 15 steps away! Love you Dox!

I had Maddox with me for a few minutes the other day so I decided to take some pictures of him while I had the chance. We really need to do a little photo but we keep just not doing it! Here's what I got from my 15 minute miny shoot.

I am so proud of Lynz and how well she is dealing with this transition. You are so beautiful and doing an amazing job even if you feel like you're just making it through.
Love you Tolman Family!