Meeting Madds

The same day the Derricotts left Grandma and Grandpa Peterson arrived to meet baby Maddox. We are still getting use to his name and he has lots of little nicknames so far....Madds, doc, mad dog, maddy (just grandma moj using that one so far.) He is growing so fast and we love getting to know his personality!

Proud Grandparents with their four handsome Grandsons. It is not easy to get a good picture with a newborn, 14 month, 20 month, and 3 year old but we managed!

Grandma and Grandpa came for the August long weekend and ended up being in Portland for 4 days this time. It may not seem long but we made sure to pack in a lot of fun activities!

First up, THE ZOO!

With all this beautiful weather we had to hit up the pool.

We love habing this park across the street, it's "our park" and the boys LOVED showing it to Grandma & Grandpa.

And then it was off to the Saturday Market. We had the best time shopping around and watching all the street preformers, it was hard to get the back on the metro to go home! (pictures to come I can't find them on my computer right now!)

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Lorraine said...

How fun to have your parents come and spend time with you and the grandkids - especially the new addition to the family - Maddox. I love the picture of the grandparents and grandsons - great memories to cherish!