After making the decision to move to Orgen 2 years ago we knew it would be a Major change of pace. Aaron working on his Doctorate, living in the USA, and living in a big city. It was an exciting adventure we faced head on as a family. Our parents and most of our siblings have made it down to visit, see the kids, and support us in our stay down here but on July 21st something truly unbelievable happened. OUR FRIENDS CAME TO PORTLAND!

People always say they want to come out and visit but of course it never happens. In fact we tried to make it out to see Toad and Chuck in Vancouver for a whole year and never made it, that just seems to be the way it goes. I wish we had, I think it is so fun to go experience your friends lives while they are living away from home, which is just what the Derricotts did when they came out to see us.

We had a blast showing them all over the city. During the day we went to the Zoo, the Children's museum, multnohma falls, Jamison park, the pool, the park, and of coarse Brit and I hit up the outlet malls!

I seriously can't believe that we didn't take more pictures while they where here! I also lined up baby sitters for the hotel at night so we could take them to the living room theater, voodoo donuts, and teach them Dominion! It was a seriously crazy, busy, fun few days. Thanks for coming guys we loved getting to share of Portland life with you.

Red rover red rover we call YOU over!

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Lorraine said...

I'm so glad the Derricott's were able to come and see you. I'm sure you all had a fun time together. Boy, you've had a busy summer!