Seaside adventures

We decided that we better make a trip out to the coast before the Tolman family welcomes their new baby boy. With limited funds we couldn't afford a whole weekend away but even just getting out of town for the day was good enough. We decided on Seaside and headed out nice and early. Since they boys don't always LOVE the car we sent Miles with the Tolmans and Becks came with us, worked out pretty dang good too!

First stop the seaside aquarium. This is a tiny aquarium with one room full of fish and one room where you can look over the wall and wire to see and feed the sea lions. It is nothing spectacular but the kids learned alot and loved seeing all the different fish. They also loved touching the sea animals.

You may wonder why my 9 month pregnant sister-in -law is carrying my 3 year old instead of me.....Good question! opps sorry lynz!
Star fish, I pretended to touch it so he wouldn't be affraid. Worked like a charm.
SICK! Did we seriously pay extra to touch these sick fish?!?

Less impressed with the seals.

AJ is a little less hands on, he'll pass on the touching, thank-you very much.

Becks couldn't get enough of this stuff, he wanted to touch everything he could.
We decided to hit the beach for lunch and a little sun, even thought it was kind of hiding! The weather was perfect for us to get out and play without getting super hot but the AJ & Becks seemed more interested in playing than eating. Miles on the other hand was plenty hungry, unfortunately he had a major sand craving and we just couldn't seem to stop him from eating bucks full!
Miles was deffinatly in his element. He love the water and couldn't care less about the frezzing cold temperature, to bad I forgot to bring his swim shorts!

Look at those boys! They have the EXACT same eyes. I seriously can't get over it!
This is Becks new "Happy Face" It is so cute, glad we could capture it!
Same walk. Both so handsome.
This could be my fav. photo of the day. I haven't had time to edit ANY of these but I love Miles in this picture. It's like pure joy on his face, with the scrunchy little nose and his hands thrown up

Aaron getting the sand out while Miles puts more, AND MORE, in! ha ha ha. Just give up Poy!
It took a little time for AJ to warm up to the beach, he wasn't in the mood for cold water but once we started playing in the sand he joined in the fun. Do you like my Hitler stash? CUZ' I DO!

Sandy Cheeks

We ended the day with ice cream and a ride on the carasel, perfect end to a perfect day!


Linds said...

Love it! Oh how I miss the beach. I loved being able to just go out to the coast for the day. And gotta love the super shabby Seaside Aquarium, NASTY!

Gunderson's said...

Ha ha...I looked at that picture of Miles before I read the quote under it, and thought, "wow, he looks like he's got a Hitler mustache!" Hilarious! Don't you just love catching those moments of pure joy in your kids! Nothing is better, even if you have to take a mental picture!

lynz said...

i will carry my aj any time any place no matter how prego i am! loved our beach time and can't wait to do it again soon :)

Anonymous said...

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