Random summer fun

Did I forget to show you AJ's pool attire?Or his New cowboy outfit that we haven't taken off in 2 and a half weeks? That's right everyone, we are haviong a heat wave and I can't get the kid out of pants!
all tuckered out from the sun, this little man can't even make it through a book at night!

Miles on the other hand is FULL of energy! I spend half my time at the pool following him around and bringing him back from places he shouldn't be.

And he's still eating dirt and refusing to wear shoes, what can I do???
One of my favorite parts of summer....LITTLE WHITE BUMS!Best Friends for life!
and don't forget about the watermelon.

We are having a great summer and I just can't get over how much I love all these little boysAJ 3 years 4 months
Beckam 19 months
Miles 13 months
Maddox 2 weeks old


Sabby said...

Love the pool outfit!

Lorraine said...

Love the summer pictures! Please give the cowboy and the sandman a big kiss from Grandma Lego.

lynz said...

that 1st picture is my favorite - no better pool outfit than aj's!

Amy said...

Having kids has definitely made summer just that much more fun. And you look amazing in your swim suit!

kelsey said...

holy, aj has turned platinum this summer! all those boys are darling. your blog never updates on my list. . . argh. i've re-added it so many times! then i come, and there's hundreds to catch up on!

looking great lace.

Linds said...

All those boys boys boys, they are all too cute. Love the little white bums.