Oneonta Falls

I have missed creek hiking up Red Rock canyon in Waterton the past few summers, it is actually my most favorite thing to do in Waterton. So you can imagine how excited I was when Holly and Dan introduced us to Oneonta falls, Beautiful!(Thanks Lujans!)
This creek hike is only about 3/4 of a mile to the falls and pretty flat but it is no walk in the park. About 10 minutes in you run into this.....THE LOG JAM!

That's right, there is this huge stack of logs that you gotta go up and over and we did it with ALL the boys. You will notice Dustin has Becks on his back, Aaron has Miles, Lynz with Max in the Sling, and Me and the Lujans helping AJ, who hiked it! I was so proud of him.

After that it's a beautiful hike up the canyon, over and under logs, watching the fish, and getting waist deep in some seriously chilly water!

Finally we make it to the falls and after hikin all that way we thought...better get in!It was freezing cold but lots of fun.

Not everyone went in the water, it was too deep and cold for the kids, but they found ways to entertain themselves.

We had a great afternoon cooling off with our friends at Oneonta falls, thanks guys!


The Evansons said...

I want to go!!!

Ash said...

So fun. We actually did the hike last night, and it was pretty awesome. We'd love to tag along with you guys next time you go!

Linds said...

Aww man, that looks like way too much fun.