So Busy!

Wow!!! being a Mother of two sure fills your time! I just wanted to do a quick update and let everyone know that I am doing GREAT! I love having Baby Miles around to snuggle and AJ has been a big help.

AJ has transitioned into brotherhood beautifully. He loves spending time with Miles and showing him of to all his friends.

As usual I am overdoing everything. Since leaving the Hospital it has been nothing but GO GO GO!!!! I only missed one week of church and have been out for a few girls nights, shopping, and even out for dinner with all my boys in the last two weeks. At the end of each day I wonder why I didn't just hang out and take it easy but the next day I'm at it again.

My Mother in Law Lorraine has been here for almost a week now. She is doing everything in her power to make me take it easy and catch p on a little sleep which I am so grateful for. Having her here has been a major blessing. We have family here for the next few weeks and I will try to take some pictures since I haven't hardly taken any with Lorraine. Opps!

Anyways here's our little man of to church for the second time in his life, SO CUTE!

Also everyone has been asking if AJ and Miles look the same. I know it's hard to remember way back to when AJ was so tiny, and many of you didn't even see him back then so I thought I would post a little reminder. I think these boys definatly look like brothers but I wouldn't say they look the same but hey you be the judge. Leave a comment and let me know what ya think!



Father of the year!

This is my husband. As you can tell from his picture he is unbelievably good looking but it doesn't end there. Aaron is an amazing husband, constantly showing his love and support for me in any way he can. There is never any favor to big for me to ask or chore that he won't jump of to do. He's a pretty great guy and I am sure any of you who know him would HAVE to agree, there's just not a lot of men out there like my Poysauce.
Not only is he everything I could ask for in a husband but he also excels as a father to our two beautiful boys. He is always playing or snuggling with one of them and no matter how many wrestling matched they have already had Aaron finds the energy for just one more. With Aaron in school all day he misses out on a lot of our park, zoo, and water park adventures which translates to him not being in a lot of the pictures. I thought it would be fun to snap a few shots of Poy and his Boys on his first fathers day as a Dad of Two. I had a hard time picking which pictures I like best so there are going to be quite a few!

You will notice there are a lot more pictures with Aaron and Miles. . .

(this Black and White is my favorit of these two)

This is not because he is new or we love him more but quite simply because AJ wasn't having it today! His time of sitting nice for pictures has aparently come to and end.


A long and wonderful week

We Made It! After spending the weekend in the hospital and welcoming baby Miles home we knew we were in for a long week. Aaron had 10 finals to study for and write while I was busy at homewith Miles and AJ.

Aaron spent most of the week with his head in the books. He lost a lot of important study time over the weekend but was more than happy to forget about school and focuse on our family as we meet baby Miles. Each night he would come home sunggs with miles for a 30 minute nap, eat dinner, clean up the dishes, take AJ to the park for half hour, do the bed time routine and after making sure I was all taken care of get to the studying. He was up till midnight every night and back to school at 6:30.

BLAH!!! Not something I would want to go through but he did it without complaint. I know it was stressful and he felt like he was missing out on Miles first week at home but he did great. I am so proud of you Aaron, thanks for all your hard work! As much as he would hate me putting this I just have to say that all his hard work paid off. Third quarter is one of the hardest and he made it through with a pregnant wife and the birth of his new baby while maintaing a 4.0, WHOOT WHOOT, you are amazing babe!

I spent the week in a bit of a trance. With all of Aarons hard work I was doing the night feedings/changings all by myself. He offered to help but was so exhasted by the time he fell into bed I didn't have the heart to wake him. Miles had a fairly consistent schedual of eating every three hours, pooping and then fealling back asleep. I was usually up for about 45 minutes everytime he was up.

Lyndz was a big help, coming over to check in and run to the store with me when I need to go. I think we made two trips to Wal-mart before she left on Friday for Canada. She also saved my but by watching AJ on Thursday when me and Miles had all our appointments.

Thursday we had 10:00 lactation appoaintment. Miles had gained 7 oz. since leaving the hospital, which is way more than they usually see. They say that healthy babies gain about .5oz a day and miles was gaining a little over 2oz. Then she had me nurse him. She told me that babies can usually hold a .5oz - 1oz of milk in their bellies for the first few weeks while their stomics strech out but Miles drank 3.5oz and didn't even spit up. She was amazed which made me laugh and then she told me to take lots of pictures because he was probably going to get big fast! lol.

Next stop was the 11:15 circumsision. This was the stop I was most concened about but it actually went really well. Dr. Drake dose this thing where they dip the Babies soother in sugar and let him suck it off until he get's a kind of "sugar buzz" He ate almost a table spoon of sugar before he was a week old, LOL! So he gave a little squak at the needel and then feel asleep for the rest of the procedure. I couldn't belive it! I also couldn't watch but I was right the by his side for the whole thing.

On we go to the pediatrition. This was our longest drive and Miles "sugar buzz" seemed to ware off halfway down the free way. He was not a happy camper and it broke my heart to listen to him cry when I couldn't pull over to comfort him. We made it to our 1:00 appointment bt didn't get in till 1:30. They checked him over and found everything was perfect and finally we were on our way home.

As I walked though the door at 3:00 I was exhasted. Thank goodness that the ward had arranged meals for our family all week or we probably would have starved. Those ladies were my saving grace and I am more greatful for their charity. It was a long week but we made it and are looking forward to our 2 week break and all the famiy coming our way!


Happy Birthday Miles!

As you know, last Friday baby Miles was born. Since then I have been enjoying my boys and working on recovery so I haven't made much time for the blog. Today I thought I would write about my Labour and Delivery before it's OLD news.

Thursday morning Aaron and I went into see DR. Drake for our weekly check up hoping to find a little progress but I was about the same. Since Aaron was facing a week of finals DR. Drake asked if we wanted him to brake my water. It was a little unexpected because in Canada they hardly ever do anything to start labor before you due date. So he left us to talk about it and we decided to go that it would be better to have the baby so Aaron could focus and write his finals instead of getting a call in the middle of the week and having to make the rest of them up next quarter.

Friday morning Lyndz came over to get AJ and we were off to the hospital. It was really exciting going to meet our baby but also scary to know that in a few hours I would be in LABOR! Things went pretty fast with AJ, especially for a first pregnancy so we had our fingers crossed that it wouldn't take to long for things to get rolling.

By 8:30 we were all checked in, done with paper work, and on to the IV. For all of you who don't know, I have a Major problem with IV's. It's totally mental thing but I just can't get over how disgusting it is to have them digging around in your veins and then leaving a tube to sit in there, YUCK! As soon as she started to prep me I got all hot and sweaty, my veins vaso constricted, and I started to puke. I was so embarrassed, it was just and IV! It ended up taking an hour to get me to relax enough for her to find a vein and get it all set up, what a baby!

At 10:15 Dr. Drake showed up to see how I was doing. He sat and visited with us for about 15 minutes befor braking my water and then ordered up the epidural. The contractions started right away and were getting harder with each one, good thing we ordered the epidural so quickly! It was only working on the left side and we had to call the anesthesiologist back in to give me and extra boost of something so the right side would hurry up and get numb. I was feeling A LOT of pain and some pressure so at 11:45 the nurse checked me and I was already 7cm. She called Dr.Drake and he said he would hurry over but I was already starting to feel the need to push by the time she got off the phone.

The medicine was kicking in and the pain was mostly gone but I was feeling sick to my stomic and ready to be done with the whole labour experience. At 12:04 Dr. Drake walked in and immediately stared getting things set up, it was GO TIME! They sat me up and I got sick again, all I could hear was the nurse saying, "Your going to barf out your baby!" lol. I focuse and did just was the Doctor said, nice little pushes, which was a little weird with the epidural. It makes it hard to know if you are even pushing let alone how hard but I managed. Just 15 minutes later we had a brand new baby!

I remember looking up at Aaron and he mouthed, "IT'S A BOY!" just before Dr.Drake made the big announcement. He was perfect! From the minute I heard he was a boy I new he was the right fit for our family and that we were meant to have another little boy in our home right now. He was covered in goo but calm and quite as we checked each other out for the first time. He looked completely different then AJ except for maybe the nose and all I wanted to do was snugs him up.

Since his cord was not around his neck Aaron was able to cut it and then it was time for us both to get cleaned up. By 1:45 we were snuggled together in our little hospital bed marvelling over our new baby and racking our brains for the perfect name. We wanted to have him named by the time AJ came up to visit and after much deliberation we decided on, Miles Daniel Poytress.

Miles is a name that Aaron has liked for a few months, it is my Great Grandpas name, but I always said that I would have to see him to make sure he LOOKS like a Miles, which it turns out he dose! Daniel is in honer of Aaron's younger brother who passed away 13 years ago. Aaron has always wanted to pass on his name to one of our son's and Baby Miles is the one who will get the honer of caring it with him as he journeys through life.

AJ's name is chalk full of history and meaning and we hope that we have given Miles a name that can come to have personal meaning to him. He is named after two great men and we know that he will make them proud to share their names.

We are so in love with little Miles and can't wait to watch him grow. What a blessing it is to be a parent!


3 Days - 6 months - 2 Years

Miles is now 3 days old and very good to sit for the camera.

Next we have Beckam at 6 months old. He is sitting up and starting to find things very funny. He won't laugh for just anything but if you can get him going it is HILARIOUS!

2 Years and 2 months. He was very anti-picture today so this is all I really got!


introducing miles daniel poytress

hey everyone! this is lyndsey, lacey's sister-in-law, and she really must love all of you back home cuz she gave me her camera when we went to visit tonight and gave me strict instructions to take it home and get some pictures of their darling new little boy up here :) miles daniel poytress was born at 12:19pm today and weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 20in long. he has lots of hair and his mom's nose and is the cutest little bundle of joy ever!

enjoy the pictures, and i'm sure lacey will get back to blogging as soon as she's settled in at home and tell you all about the adventure of his arrival!




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