A long and wonderful week

We Made It! After spending the weekend in the hospital and welcoming baby Miles home we knew we were in for a long week. Aaron had 10 finals to study for and write while I was busy at homewith Miles and AJ.

Aaron spent most of the week with his head in the books. He lost a lot of important study time over the weekend but was more than happy to forget about school and focuse on our family as we meet baby Miles. Each night he would come home sunggs with miles for a 30 minute nap, eat dinner, clean up the dishes, take AJ to the park for half hour, do the bed time routine and after making sure I was all taken care of get to the studying. He was up till midnight every night and back to school at 6:30.

BLAH!!! Not something I would want to go through but he did it without complaint. I know it was stressful and he felt like he was missing out on Miles first week at home but he did great. I am so proud of you Aaron, thanks for all your hard work! As much as he would hate me putting this I just have to say that all his hard work paid off. Third quarter is one of the hardest and he made it through with a pregnant wife and the birth of his new baby while maintaing a 4.0, WHOOT WHOOT, you are amazing babe!

I spent the week in a bit of a trance. With all of Aarons hard work I was doing the night feedings/changings all by myself. He offered to help but was so exhasted by the time he fell into bed I didn't have the heart to wake him. Miles had a fairly consistent schedual of eating every three hours, pooping and then fealling back asleep. I was usually up for about 45 minutes everytime he was up.

Lyndz was a big help, coming over to check in and run to the store with me when I need to go. I think we made two trips to Wal-mart before she left on Friday for Canada. She also saved my but by watching AJ on Thursday when me and Miles had all our appointments.

Thursday we had 10:00 lactation appoaintment. Miles had gained 7 oz. since leaving the hospital, which is way more than they usually see. They say that healthy babies gain about .5oz a day and miles was gaining a little over 2oz. Then she had me nurse him. She told me that babies can usually hold a .5oz - 1oz of milk in their bellies for the first few weeks while their stomics strech out but Miles drank 3.5oz and didn't even spit up. She was amazed which made me laugh and then she told me to take lots of pictures because he was probably going to get big fast! lol.

Next stop was the 11:15 circumsision. This was the stop I was most concened about but it actually went really well. Dr. Drake dose this thing where they dip the Babies soother in sugar and let him suck it off until he get's a kind of "sugar buzz" He ate almost a table spoon of sugar before he was a week old, LOL! So he gave a little squak at the needel and then feel asleep for the rest of the procedure. I couldn't belive it! I also couldn't watch but I was right the by his side for the whole thing.

On we go to the pediatrition. This was our longest drive and Miles "sugar buzz" seemed to ware off halfway down the free way. He was not a happy camper and it broke my heart to listen to him cry when I couldn't pull over to comfort him. We made it to our 1:00 appointment bt didn't get in till 1:30. They checked him over and found everything was perfect and finally we were on our way home.

As I walked though the door at 3:00 I was exhasted. Thank goodness that the ward had arranged meals for our family all week or we probably would have starved. Those ladies were my saving grace and I am more greatful for their charity. It was a long week but we made it and are looking forward to our 2 week break and all the famiy coming our way!

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Kels said...

how did i miss this post? dang it. ah. you are bringing back memories of the craziness of that first week. i'm glad you survived it, and wow. . . aaron did great with the 4.0, congrats to him.