Not for the sweet in tooth!


Saturday night a girl in our ward, Margo, had us all over for a girls night out. Now let me make this perfectly clear, Margo LOVES to host parties and ALWAYS goes way over the top, and this GNO was no exception.

About 3 weeks ago we received our "Dessert Night" invites, complete with a pump up CD full of 80 classics.(I'm to sexy, etc.) Not only did she send out about 20 invites she encouraged everyone to bring their girlfriends and a favorite dessert.

IT WAS CRAZY! I kept having to go back and take pictures of the new desserts as they rolled in. The house was decorated with candles and all kinds of cute stuff, including some awesome Canadian kick backs, since Margo is a fellow Canadian! We had a great time and I'm pretty sure my sugar high is just starting to wear off now, lol. Thanks Margo.

She had these cute little tags ne all the glasses so you would Remeber which one was yours. It was the best idea and so fun to pick out our tag, mine was "BIG GIRL" *sad, lol*

The FOOD. This was at the start of the night before everyone had put their stuff out, I wish I had taken another picture at the end!

The Girls. I didn't keep my camera out to long and only now realized how few pictures I took of the actual party go-ers. Opps, something to work on next time I guess.
I am due in three week's, Joy (Black Shirt) went into Labor after the party, and Daya has 4 weeks left but her babies like to come early. We are raceing to the finish line, but it feel's like we are going slower than Turtles!


Kels said...

all that sugar probably put that girl into labor! sheesh. i wouldn't even know where to start at that table!

Sabby said...

Looks like so much fun! I am sad that I had to miss it, you know I have a sweet tooth!

Jeff and Amy said...

I was gone the Sunday that everyone got the invites so I didn't get a chance to go. But next time hopefully I can because I love Margo's parties and all the food!

Kinsey said...

I was sad before, but now I see that forgetting about this party may have been the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life...so sad!

lynz said...

so fun! and i'm glad some of the girls were sad they missed this one cuz there will be plenty more to come and now they can see what they were missing out on and make sure they hit up the next one :)