AC Installation

Last week Steve came over to help Aaron with the AC installation. We were given this AC unit by a family that was moving away sometime near Christmas and never realized just how grateful I would be until the hot weather hit. We don't use it a lot but there are days when I swear we would die without it. It's perfect for taking the edge off those hot Portland days.

AJ was just about to get into bed when Steve showed up to give Aaron a hand. FORGET BED TIME! AJ was determined to get in there and show the boys how it was done. As soon as they pulled out their tools AJ went right to his room to get his as well. It was pretty cute to watch him mimic the boys as the put in the new AC.

Thanks Poy, Steve, and of course AJ! It has already been such a life saver.


Kels said...

aj's little drill is so stinking cute. the best part is that he doesn't have a shirt on--- a true construction worker! lol.

lynz said...

haha love the picture of the 3 of them! you definitely have a boys boy there and you wouldn't want it any other way :) so cute!

Nicole Wagner said...

My husband's Handy.

Steve Wagner said...

Thanks for posting a picture of my bum. It's probably my best side. Just remember - when the A/C unit falls from its perch, and nails the maintenance guy in the head on the way down, and CSI shows up on the doorstep - I DON'T KNOW YOU.