3 Days - 6 months - 2 Years

Miles is now 3 days old and very good to sit for the camera.

Next we have Beckam at 6 months old. He is sitting up and starting to find things very funny. He won't laugh for just anything but if you can get him going it is HILARIOUS!

2 Years and 2 months. He was very anti-picture today so this is all I really got!


Kels said...

miles is so precious. and who does he look like??? i can't figure it out. not like aj, does he? i can't remember aj as a baby that tiny, so you'll have to tell me if they look alike.
that second picture of beckam is so darling, and the one where his eyes are popping out they are so blue. how do you have time for a photo shoot? SLEEP!!!

Kinsey said...

AJ looks like a body builder in the last picture! He makes me laugh!
We CAN'T wait to meet Miles! He is so adorable- Eden will want to give him kisses! How are you recovering Lacey? Do you think the girl and I can pop over sometime to meet the new little man...?

Nicole Wagner said...

Holy crap! those are awesome pics lacey! great job!!
Okay...my favs are:
the 2nd to last one of miles curled up on the couch!
the black and white of Beckam laughing and AJ all stretched out so you can see his cute little ribs.
I love these boys.I admit. It sometimes takes me longer to warm up to boys, but I'm smittten by all 3 of them. it REALLY makes me want to have my boy!!!!

kris said...

Lace... Congrats!! Miles is a stud!! I love these pics!! The 3 lil guys are sooo stinkin cute!! I just can't get enough of them!!! Hope you're feeling well and have a blast back in Canada land... think of me!! :)

Jeff and Amy said...

All I can say is that was FREAKIN ADORABLE!

Jordan said...

Aww.. He is so cute. That gets me excited for our new baby. COngratulations.

Steele & Cindy said...

Great pictures lacey, thanks for taking the time to post them all we love going on here and reading about what is up and how day to day life is going with the boys. Can't wait to see you guys.